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White Knight Chronicles: International Edition (Sony Playstation 3, 2010) Video Games

White Knight Chronicles: International Edition (Sony Playstation 3, 2010)

Price Range:
  $9.48 to $18.99
White Knight Chronicles is a console-style role-playing game designed exclusively for PlayStation 3, set in a fantasy world of magic,... Read More
White Knight Chronicles is a console-style role-playing game designed exclusively for PlayStation 3, set in a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and melee combat. Battle progresses with a real-time flow, in which players can control any character in their party, but only one at a time. The other characters fight according to a detailed combat script that the player sets up before the fight begins. Action Chips accumulate during combat, filling a gauge in the corner of the screen, and these can be used to create powerful combo attacks that do extra damage. Action Chips are also used to allow the game's hero to transform into the White Knight, a towering and powerful armored warrior who can grant bonuses to teammates in battle. The story begins at the coming-of-age banquet for the beautiful Princess Cisna, which is unceremoniously interrupted by a mysterious warrior called Dregias who can transform himself into a huge and imposing Dark Knight. The princess is rushed away from this would-be-kidnapper by a brave young man named Leonard, and together they discover a set of magical armor which allows him to transform into the equally daunting White Knight. <br><br>As players win fights and earn experience, they can develop their characters by improving magical abilities and combat attributes. Dozens of powers and abilities may be modified for each character, allowing for extensive customization. White Knight Chronicles was planned and programmed by Level-5, the veteran RPG studio that created the Professor Layton games for Nintendo DS and the Dark Cloud series on PS2. Away from the swords-and-sorcery action, as in Dark Cloud, White Knight features a "Georama" mode that allows players to also design and develop a small village. This village comes to serve as the character's safe resting-place between future adventures. The layout of the village and the buildings players choose to add influence the non-player characters who will come to live there, and thus may alter the selection of quests that become available and even the outcome of the story. Through their Georama villages, players can also access a "Sub-quest" multiplayer mode that allows them to adventure in instanced dungeons with up to four other players, each controlling an avatar with the equipment and abilities of his or her current version of the single-player story's main character, Leonard. Minimize
Key Features
Genre RPG
Rating T - Teen
Platform Sony Playstation 3
Tech Details
Release Year 2010
Game Special Features
  • An epic role-playing adventure of melee and magic

  • Lead a party of young heroes against a mysterious evil

  • Original combat system demands strategy and quick thinking

  • Earn Action Chips to transform into the White Knight

  • Add new buildings to develop a village in Georama mode

  • ESRB Descriptor Violence
    Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    Number of Players 1-4
    Product Identifiers
    Game White Knight Chronicles: International Edition
    UPC 711719814627
    MPN 711719814627
    Other Features
    Brand Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.