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Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (ST3120026A) Hard Drive Hard Drives

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (ST3120026A) Hard Drive

The Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Plus 120 GB ATA-100 Hard Drive is fully compatible with PC systems.The Hard Drive connect by: DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) for Internal utilization. Spinning up to 7200 RPM and offering capacity as large as 120 GB
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Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   frog123456
Apr 26, 2004
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (ST3120026A) Hard Drive

Great drive for larger Tivo addon

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: 3 year warantee (avoid -RK drives). Quite. Should last a long time.

Cons: Not as quite as slowed down Maxtor during head moves.

The Bottom Line: 
This is a great drive. I would buy it again. It is quite and the warantee can't be beat.

Author's Review
Yup, Tivo (the thing that allows you to pause live TV) is really a Linux PC of sorts. This drive can add 105 hours to your Tivo. Oh, it also works in a PC.

I bought this drive for my DirectTivo (DirectTV/ Tivo unit combine in one). The DirectTivo has a Maxtor 40g HDD that hold about 25 hours. Since a tivo is powered up 24/7, I wanted a drive that was reliable, quite and has a 3 year warrantee. A Tivo an only handle a 137g drive, so this drive fit the bill.

Seagate has been making server drives for a long time. Servers are powered up like a Tivo unit, 24/7 so I thought this should fit the bill. Seagate was also the first to use a fluid bearing to keep the noise down on 7200 RPM drives, so this is a quite drive, (although not as quit as my latest Maxtors, see below).

- If you buy the ST3120026A oem drive you get a 3 year warrantee. I got mine from Newegg. Retail kit drives from Best buy and the like only have a 1 year warrantee. DON'T get the ST3120026A-RK (retail kit) from Best Buy for this reason. You trade 2 years of warrantee for a pretty box and install CD.

- Fluid Bearing means it is Quiet. However, when the head moves it is not as quit. See below.

- SeaShield is a metal shield that is suppose to protect the drive while you install it. It probably helps, but I've never had a drive without it fail.

-If buy the retail box, you get a 1 year warrantee NOT 3. The retail kit drives come in a pretty box and the part number ends in -RK.

- The head moves are not as quit as my Maxtor. Maxtor and IBM allow you to slow down the head moves to quit the drive down. You trade performance for speed, but in a TIVO, even slow head movement is fast enough. Granted, the movement isn't loud, but it does make more noise than my Maxtor. I think Seagte offered this option a year ago on their high end drives, but ran into legal problems or something with it, so that option isn't available on this drive.

Recommend - YES. The head move is still very quit unless your ear it right next to the drive. The 3 year warrantee is a plus for a drive that will see allot of use.

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Lowest Price: Server Supply   $20.00
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