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Sanyo DS24425 24" CRT Television

Sanyo DS24425 24" CRT Television

Sit back and enjoy watching and listening to your favorite shows. Select an A/V input source from either front or rear A/V input jacks... Read More
Sit back and enjoy watching and listening to your favorite shows. Select an A/V input source from either front or rear A/V input jacks including rear Component and S-Video! Hookup is quick and easy with the front A/V input jacks. Channel setup couldn't be easier, it's automatic. Experience SANYO style and quality. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars
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By:   JDinPA
May 16, 2008
Sanyo DS24425 24" CRT Television

Sanyo 24" TV Is Good Choice For Guest Room Or Kitchen Area

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Small flat screen for your small space needs; Good price at about $150; Energy Star

Cons: Heavy at 60 pounds; limited inputs/outputs; 24" screen size

The Bottom Line: 
Not high-definition by any means, but with the flat screen and smaller screen size the picture quality is good for general use.

Author's Review
We originally bought this TV a few years ago when we were going a long road trip with the kids - this was before we had the built-in DVD player in our car. We used the Sanyo DS24205 24" TV in the van, hooked up to a power inverter. We removed one of the van seats and had it all set up with DVD player and playstation hookups so that the boys were pretty well entertained for the long days on the road.

Since those days we moved up to a van with a built-in DVD player, wireless headphones, and all that high-tech stuff that big boy toys are made of. The Sanyo made it's way to our guest room and has given a couple years of reliable use.

We normally would not have gone with a 24" TV set, but we needed one that wouldn't hog all the room in the car at the time. We bought for size and relative ease of moving around. We also wanted a flat screen for best viewing from the different angles in the car. It has proven to be an ok size for a guest room and it does have the necessary hookups to add a DVD player or game system with ease.

The picture quality is good with full color saturation and a nice bright screen. Colors are not washed out, nor are they too garish. The flat screen does add to the effect as you can sit to the side or at an angle and still enjoy the picture clarity.

We do not use this TV very much since we returned from the long road trip, but occasionally one of us needs another TV to see what we want instead of what everybody else is watching. The Sanyo 24" TV has held up extremely well over the past 3-4 years, but it has had limited use too. Of course the road trip was hard on it, and it survived that experience well too!

The Sanyo DS24425 24" TV has a picture resolution of 260 lines tv reception and 400 lines video input. Not high-definition by any means, but with the flat screen and smaller screen size the picture quality is good for general use.

In size, this TV is 26.6 inches in width, 20.6 inches in height and 18.9 inches in depth. It's weight is 60.1 pounds which makes for a hefty little package, but it is not prone to tip over easily as most of the weight is toward the back of the set.

The Features that this Sanyo has include:

* A Trilingual On-Screen Menu ~ go through the directions and set up in English, Spanish or French

* An Automatic Channel Search ~ you will need to let the TV do this when you first start it up, then you can use the remote to search through the channels

* Auto Shut Off ~ if you leave your TV on and the cable or reception goes out the TV will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes

* Closed-Captioning ~ This comes with Caption 1 where words match the program; Caption 2 for words in another language like Spanish or French; and QuickCap where if you press Mute then the words will appear automatically

* Aspect Ratio Settings ~ use 4:3 for normal viewing; use 16:9 for wide-screen viewing - those are the 2 choices

* Digital Picture Controls/On-Screen Display ~ this will display for about 20-30 seconds on the screen; if you want to make a change you can access via the remote control

* MTS stereo/SAP Decoder ~ for stereo reception

* Auto Flesh Tone ~ will set the picture for most realistic skin tones - I never noticed a problem so it must work fine!

* Pre-Set Adjustments for picture/sound ~ don't like what you did to the tv? Go back to pre-set adjustments!

* Front Surround Sound ~ helps expand the sound effect; in poor reception you may not be able to access this option

* V-Guide/Parental Control ~ you can block by channel or rating of programs; once set it will work automatically

* Game Mode ~ the cables are not provided for this hookup - you can connect via the front/bottom of the tv set

* Component Video Input 480i (Y-Pb-Pr) ~ connect your digital video equipment here

* Audio/Video Input Jacks (2 sets) Front AVl/ Back AV2 ~ this hook up in the back and you must press the INPUT button to access the AV inputs

* S-Video Input Jack ~ there is one connection in the back

* Sleep Timer (3 hours)

* TV Reset ~ if you unplug and move the tv you can press the reset button twice after turning on the tv and connecting it to the cable or antenna

* 181 Channel Tuning System (VHF 2-13; UHF 14-69; Cable TV 1, 14-125)

* Automatic Fine Tuning ~ yup - does it on it's own; have not noticed a problem with this either

The Multimedia Remote Control will control the TV, VCR and AUX components. It has large glow-in-the-dark keys and has numbers 0 to 9 for channel selection. The remote also allows you to search through channels, control the volume, menu display, input selection, mute, recall, sleep timer, V-Guide, caption/no-caption, and VCR/DVD keys. It takes 2 AA batteries.

The instruction booklet is really quite small with the English directions a whole 17 pages (there are also directions in Spanish and French). If you are looking for specific how-to info you may find yourself trying to read between the lines, gleaning some info from the Helpful hints on each page or just figuring it out yourself. If you are inexperienced with TV set-up and adjustment you may find yourself spending extra time figuring it all out or calling for help!

There is a 1-year limited warranty in the US and Canada. Basically it will replace a defective TV, but you will need your original receipt and remote control. If you need customer assistance you can call 1-800-877-5032, or check out their website at

This TV is manufactured by Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation, 3333 Sanyo Road, Forrest City, Arizona 72335.

It is UL listed for Canada and the US, and it is an Energy Star product.

If you are looking for a smaller sized flat screen tv check out the Sanyo DS24205 24" TV ~ you may find that it is a good choice for your needs!

Thanks for reading! Judy

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