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Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars
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By:   spencejt
Dec 22, 2007
Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

I have been 'born to the purple' and am FORMAT FREE!

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Compatible with playback of Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and DVD. Improved detail, clarity, color & audio fidelity.

Cons: Speaker test needs a fix, as does 100Hz crossover for analog multi-channel audio output.

The Bottom Line: 
Entering the BR market and have HD DVDs? THIS is the player to purchase. UPDATE - Enjoying it so much that I've purchased a second one on close-out ($450 new-in-box)!

Author's Review
One day in and I can't find a much of a downside to this player.

Hooked up via component (sorry no HDMI on either my TV or AV Receiver) to a 1080i 65" Mitsubishi WS-65907 (viewed from 12 feet) via an Onkyo TX-DS989.

No problems with playing back any media so far.

Titles tested include;

Blu-Ray Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End.

HD-DVD titles; Stardust, Serenity

SD titles; Meet the Robinsons

DVD R The Nightmare Before Christmas (which oddly enough, does not up-convert this one up to 1080i).

I have seen no issues with grain or noise, however my eye is not as trained as others and my display is about eight years old.

Colors are vibrant, definition is stunning (even on SD content). Start-up time is better than I had expected but still longer than my old Kenwood KV-5700 changer.

I will admit that the audio setup is a bit wonky in that I only have sound from the front three speakers when performing the on-board sound test (this happens in all modes, and I believe I have tested this via TOSLink and multi-channel). I've got it connected via TOSLink and the Onkyo's 5.1 channel analog input (funny - a $2K "flagship" 7.1 channel receiver only has input for 5.1!). The only way I can achieve audio from the rear channels is to put it into a simulation mode, so for now I am using audio connected via the fiber. It sounds better than ever, although the direct multi-channel appears to have far greater dynamic range, channel separation and fullness to the audio. My HT space is fairly large & open and I don't like to sacrifice my back channels so I'll stick with TOSLink until a receiver upgrade comes along.

Some may be pleased to know that Logitech appears to have codes available as I added the BD-UP5000 to my Harmony 880 without having to "learn" any codes!

I intend to test some of my other HD-DVD titles (300, Hot Fuzz, Bourne Ultimatum, Heroes) and Blu-Ray (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Blade Runner Final Cut "Ultimate Collection") but I am really enjoying Pirates III right now! My buddy who is also looking to purchase the player stopped by on his way to see I Am Legend (he later called me to tell me it was a complete waste of time) was most impressed having watched the SD version of Pirates of the Caribbean this morning. He had me jump to the scene where they roll the ship over and said the sound and detail were twice that of the SD version. He is now planning on making his purchase within the next few weeks.

I assume that my firmware to be the same as many others who have posted, as my manufacturing date was 11/07 and when attempting a firmware upgrade, it was found to be at the latest revision. Firmware updates should take care of issues experienced by others, but for me the experience can only get better!

One thing regarding the network setup that I have found. DHCP and Dynamic DNS work, but the addresses do not show up in the interface as one would expect. I believe the fields are only used to display manual entries. I can see the device communicating via my router, and it also pops up on my Symantec console as a device using the LAN.

I have had no lockups, no video issues and no audio issues however I have not fully begun to engage the special features of any titles that I have played.

Over all (although I have nothing other than HD feeds from Dish Network to compare it with), I am TICKLED PURPLE over the purchase, as well the performance!!

For me it is going to be a "Purple Christmas"! Happy Holidays!

UPDATE - Recent firmware updates have brought this player up to a level of functionality with most other Blu-ray players on the market. Stability is excellent and the recent firmware (v1.3) has corrected most of the issues with audio.


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