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Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   mcm1005
Oct 1, 2008
Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-Ray Player

Great results so far

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Multi-format, ethernet connection for software updates

Cons: Some movies take a while to load

The Bottom Line: 
For those that may have invested in HD-DVD movies, this is a great player so you can continue to enjoy movies in high definition.

Author's Review
I purchased this player in June and have had great luck with it. I've given it a lot of use since I was out of work for 3 months after knee surgery. Not only do the Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies look great, but so do all my regular DVDs. It upconverts all standard DVDs. The only downside is that my current TV is 1080i and does not have HDMI - it has DVI. I have it hooked up to the TV using the composite cables. I tried the HDMI to DVI cable, but noticed some degradation in the picture - the guy at Best Buy told me that might happen. The sound is spectacular when run through the HDMI cable into my receiver - I tried it with the optical cable, but the HDMI cable seems, to me, to produce clearer sounds and deeper bass. Obviously the Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies are crystal clear. I had quite an extensive HD-DVD collection since I have the HD-DVD player for my Xbox 360. I purchased this specific model so I would always be able to play my HD-DVD movies. The first movie I put in after I hooked it up properly, was The Fifth Element on Blu-ray. I was amazed at the color and clarity that the player produced. I have watched dozens of Blu-ray movies (thanks to Netflix) and have been impressed with everyone on my Samsung. I purchased mine (new in a box) at Best Buy for $499.99 - the store was closing/moving, so they were clearing these out. I believe they were discontinuing it at their stores. I only have 2 somewhat negative things to say about the BDP5000. Some movies take a few minutes to load - it's more of an annoyance than a problem. Second, it doesn't do updates automatically (my HD-DVD player on my Xbox 360 does the updates automatically). Again, this is only an annoyance since you don't know what movies will need a software update until you try to play them. Overall, I'm really pleased with the performance of this player. I can't wait to see the Godfather and Band of Brothers in Blu-ray!

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