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Samsung HC-R4755W 47" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

Samsung HC-R4755W 47" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

This Samsung 47-inch TV is a CRT TV that offers high-definition viewing. This CRT TV includes a 16:9 aspect ratio, which allows it to... Read More
This Samsung 47-inch TV is a CRT TV that offers high-definition viewing. This CRT TV includes a 16:9 aspect ratio, which allows it to provide high-definition video without distorting the image. This Samsung HC-R4755W is capable of providing high definition in 720p. The built-in tuner available in the CRT TV is ATSC and NTSC in order to offer more viewing options. For standard channel broadcasting, the Samsung 47-inch TV includes a 181-channel system. For sound quality, the Samsung HC-R4755W includes two speakers at 15 watts each. These speakers are equipped to provide stereo sound to go along with the high-definition viewing experience. The Samsung 47-inch TV has various connections such as two component connections, three composite connections, two RF connections, and one DVI. This allows a number of components to be connected to this HD CRT TV. This large TV is suitable for larger spaces such as living rooms, family rooms, and commercial areas. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars
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By:   epinionsid200
Apr 1, 2006
Samsung HC-R4755W 47" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

We loved it, at first.

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Great look, great price.

Cons: Danger of burn-in. Use caution when cleaning screen. Scratches easily

The Bottom Line: 
Great price, great look, but we are returning it tomorrow.

Author's Review
We purchased this item at Sam's Club on Jan 2, 2006. At first we loved it. It was just the right size for us, and it looked great. At first we watched it using the full screen, but we got tired of everyone looking short, fat and distorted. We finally started watching most TV programs in the 4:3 ratio. There are light gray bars on each side of the screen when you use this ratio. It says on the inside cover of the instruction manual that displaying stationary graphics and images on screen, such as the dark top and bottom letterbox bars (wide screen pictures) should be limited to no more than 15% of the total television viewing per week. There are also further warnings about the evils of dark bars. There was no mention of the light gray bars being a problem, at least not on this page. This would cause one to assume that the use of the light gray would be to prevent burn in, since solid black on each side of the 4:3 picture would be less distracting. I'm not sure how long we have been using the 4:3 ratio. We have only had the TV for 90 days and did not start out in this ratio. We were watching a movie tonight and switched to 16:9. We were horrified to notice that there is now a burn-in on each side that looks dark yellow when using the full screen. I read through the manual and found on page 78 (next to last page) a little warning saying that using the 4:3 aspect ratio for a long time may cause burn-in. I was never one to skip to the ending of a juicy novel, and I lead a busy life, so I hadn't quite had the time to get to this part. Heck, I still haven't been able to muddle through Pride and Prejudice. I know I just lost all the Jane Austin fans in the audience, but I've tried reading it and it's just boring. We plan to return this TV as soon as possible. Sam's Club no longer sells this item, nor do they have anything close to the price we paid which was around $1000. If we have to go back to using our 27" TV I'm not sure how we will cope. Maybe Mr. Darcy will know what to do.

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