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SaGa Frontier 2 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) Video Games

SaGa Frontier 2 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)

There are many things that help to create history. Each story, decision and battle has two sides that help to create it. However, only the... Read More
There are many things that help to create history. Each story, decision and battle has two sides that help to create it. However, only the victor's story is ever really told. You are about to get the chance no one has ever had: you will learn both sides of the story.<br><br>Young Gustave XIII was born as heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Finney. He was to be a great ruler. Then at the age of seven, his father discovered that he didn't possess Anima, the power to use the magic arts. With his father seeing his son as a disgrace and unfit to rule he disowned Gustave XIII and his mother Sophie. They were exiled to the country of Jade where they were befriended by Kelvin, Count of Jade.<br><br>As Gustave XIII grew, so did his hatred of the king and the land he was forced to leave. He vowed to overthrow his father and become king. He began learning the weapon arts, using steel and other natural resources to increase his power. Eventually he mastered the cold metal and would come to be known as Gustave the Steel. This would lead to a century of war that would ravage the kingdom and destroy a family.<br><br>William Knights had a very different life. After being orphaned he was raised by his aunt and uncle. He was taught to follow in the family footsteps and became a Quell Excavator. Quell is an ancient natural artifact that possesses Anima, which is used in mastering the spell arts. Soon William became extremely skilled in finding Quell and was named Tycoon Wil; but something never felt right to him.<br><br>Deep inside he always felt that his parents were murdered. This feeling would lead him to seek the truth. However, the truth may destroy him and everything he has learned to love.<br><br>In Saga Frontier 2 by Square Soft, you are able to choose from either Gustave XIII's story or William Knights'. Each one tells a different tale but they eventually crossover to form a grand story. This multi-scenario battle system helps to create countless hours of warring. Choose your story and start your quest. Will you be king or will you seek the truth? There is only one way to find out. But first, there are many things you must know and master.<br><br>Choose the roles for each of your four team members. There are three unique roles that each character can play in the game. They can have the role of Individual, which helps to strengthen their own abilities and affects the actions of all your allies. Then there is Support, which affects the entire party. Lastly, the role of No Battle comes in handy when your team needs to negotiate its way out of a fight. After selecting roles, teach them the secrets of weapon and Spell Arts. Weapons are for physical attacks and Spell Arts help to draw out Anima, not only in your characters but in their weapons as well.<br><br>Depending on the character and the weapon used, they can cast spells according to six different arts: Tree, Stone, Flame, Water, Tone and Beast. Each art has different weaknesses and strengths but when combined, they can create devastating combo attacks that will destroy the enemy. The more times you use the arts the stronger you will become.<br><br>Next, choose from three different Battle Modes. In the Duel Battle mode, you must choose one member of your party to represent the entire team in one-on-one combat. Here, the character you have chosen can learn more attacks and master skills faster. Choose your moves carefully as each decision will affect the tide of battle. In the Team Battle mode you rely on your entire team in order to win. You must plan not only the style of your attacks but also the roles each of your team will have. Lastly, there is the Strategic Battle mode. Here, you are not just limited to the three party members but you also take command of several different units, using careful planning and maneuvers to conquer the world.<br><br>Are you prepared for what has been set before you? Which path is the one that will lead you to greatness? Can you create histor Minimize
Key Features
Genre RPG
Rating T - Teen
Platform Sony PlayStation 1
Tech Details
Release Year 2000
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick