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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) Video Games

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999)

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  $124.99 to $199.95
It's been just days after the gruesome T-Virus disaster had finally ceased at the mansion's laboratory in the hills. Because of... Read More
It's been just days after the gruesome T-Virus disaster had finally ceased at the mansion's laboratory in the hills. Because of the revelations made on her journey, Jill Valentine resigned from S.T.A.R.S and attempted her escape from Raccoon City, now in shambles. But to her surprise, it was just the beginning in what seems to be a lose-lose situation after realizing her nightmares weren't over yet.<br><br>Relying on her cunning and survival skills, Jill must put them to the ultimate test against flesh-eating zombies that now penetrate the city streets. She must also face-off against other hideous creatures of the night including bloodthirsty hunters, ferocious hellhounds, and a lumbering Nemesis. Concocted by the shady Umbrella Corporatioin, biotech terror is about to be unleashed once again. This time, however, it won't go unnoticed.<br><br>Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has players assuming the role of Jill Valentine. You'll team up a variety of new characters and a few familiar ones that will assist you along the way. One of the new characters is Carlos Oliveira -- an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service agent; the U.B.C.S is an offshoot special taskforce separately formed by the Umbrella Corporation. While playing as partners with another character, the interface allows you to switch between the two during situations that call for it.<br><br>While other actions, elements and control schemes are the same as previous Resident Evil titles (such as file and map screens, combining weapons and herbs, chest boxes, saving via ink ribbons and a ranking process), Resident Evil 3: Nemesis features a few gameplay twists. Because the Nemesis is chasing you throughout the city streets, there are key moments in which you'll choose one of two distinctive options: to evade or face your opponent. Your decisions will effect the outcome of the game. You can also combine various ammunition types to create custom-made firepower! The game also supports Sony's Dual Shock Analog Controller for both analog control support and the vibration function.<br><br>There's also the Mercenaries game, a bonus option that unlocks upon completion of the game. Using the various Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service agents, it plays much like Resident Evil 2: Platinum's Extreme Battle Mode with an added time limit. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis offers faster animation, an improved graphics engine and an increased number of monsters onscreen as enhancements. Initial copies of the game also include a bonus CD -- a Capcom demo disc featuring Dino Crisis!<br><br>Come now, there's no time left. Find a way for Jill to leave behind the living dead once and for all. You have what it's in your blood. Minimize
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Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   jp0099
Jan 27, 2002
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999)

Lock and Load for Zombies

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: addictive gameplay, more fun than RE2

Cons: Maps are hard to understand, very frustrating

The Bottom Line: 
Great game for the action scenario game lover.

Author's Review
RE3 is the best action/adventure game for playstation yet. From the minute i bought this game it took either bathroom or a dinner break to make me put it down. There is something exciting about pumping a zombie full of assault rifle ammo. Be Careful! you need to save the ammo for later as i learned after about 10 minutes.

Basically the concept of this game is to go winding through the city of Raccoon City killing all that comes in between you and the end of the game. You luckily are able to use a map to help navigate but don't rely on it too much as it is rather confusing. Once you put in the cd and begin, there are two difficulties to choose from hard or easy. Try easy first so that you can get a hang for what you need to do. The only different thing about the two difficulties is that the hard mode allows you to put together pieces of special guns after killing the boss, Nemesis. But for a first timer start with easy.

The controls can be a little difficult at times so before getting into the game too much, try to sit down and read the manual. The one thing that i hate about the controls is that fact that R1 needs to be held down along with tapping x for fire. It would have been a whole lot simpler just to make X shoot.

Graphically i belive that Sony displayed all of what Playstation is about. The characters show plenty of facial expressions and limp/walk slow after being injured. Also that fact that blood sprays and the zombies fly after being shot with a shotgun makes the game very impressive. I love the fact that if you are attacked you are still allowed to kick and fight back.

One thing that i hate about this game is after you die, you need to basically reload the whole game. Once you die a screen comes up and says "You Died" and then brings you back to the main menu. Sony would have been smarter if they allowed you to just restart from where you just died instead of having to impatiently wait for Playstation to load.

Sound is very impressive. All of the weapons sound as much to real life as a game could probably get. Unfortunately some of the character moans and groans could be alittle louder. Some voices like Jill, the main characters, could be alittle louder as they are more faint than some of the male characters.

Your probably wondering who this game is directed to. It is probably directed to the older teen/adult who enjoys blowing the heads off of zombies. If you are a parent and are thinking about buying this game for a younger kid(10 and younger) than bad decision. This game has way too much violence for someone of that age.

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