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Panasonic CQ-DP101U CD Player In Dash Receiver

Panasonic CQ-DP101U CD Player In Dash Receiver

Panasonic serves up an economical way to to get first-rate CD sound with the CQ-DP101U. This CD receiver incorporates four 1-bit D/A converters (two per channel) to virtually eliminate digital distortion. So whether youre into Radiohead or the Grateful Dead, your music will sound twice as clean!
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   shopper919
Dec 5, 2001
Panasonic CQ-DP101U CD Player In Dash Receiver

Great Basic CD receiver unit

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Cost, does not skip, easy to use

Cons: Haven't found any cons yet!

The Bottom Line: 
You won't be sorry if you buy this Panasonic!

Author's Review
If you would like a high quality CD receiver for your car and would do not want to spend a lot of money on it, this would be a great model for you. If you want loads of extra features and snazzy graphics, then continue looking.

I fall into the first category. Until my old Blaupunkt radio / cassette unit stopped working, I had no idea there were so many good car stereos available in this price range. Up until then I was satisfied to use my portable CD player and a car adaptor kit. And if my cassette player hadn't broken I probably would still be using the portable CD player and the car kit. But since I needed a new receiver anyway, I decided it's time to quit messing around with the wires.

My two main concerns were cost, and finding a unit that wouldn't skip. My little car is 10 years old and does not have the smoothest ride. Although I did not want to spend a lot on this purchase, of course I want quality for my money. And I could always use this stereo in my next car if I really loved it. After reading many reviews of all brands of CD receivers, it was apparent the people who own Panasonics were very happy with their purchases. The review of this product on said some of the same technology that Panasonic uses in their more expensive models was also used in this model.

Personally I prefer a very simple looking car stereo without too many little buttons and busy graphics. This Panasonic appealed to me in that department, and looks great in my car. Although I don't like 'busy' graphics, I wouldn't mind if the graphics were a little more exciting! The display is green. The buttons change color at night. In the daytime they are blue, but at night they turn green (on the left) and red (on the right).

The sound is perfect, no complaints there. Keep in mind I only have factory speakers and I have always thought they sounded fine - I am not one of those people who get obsessed with their stereos. So take that with a grain of salt!

This stereo is so easy to use I haven't even had to consult the manual. The technician at the store installed it in 20 minutes. He said it's a great unit and he has not seen anyone come in asking for a refund.

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