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Nintendo DSi XL Blue Handheld System Video Game Consoles

Nintendo DSi XL Blue Handheld System

Price Range:
  $198.57 to $258.63
Gaming is now fun with the Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming system. The dual screens on this Nintendo gaming console double up your gaming... Read More
Gaming is now fun with the Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming system. The dual screens on this Nintendo gaming console double up your gaming experience with super-sharp visuals. In addition, the intuitive touch-screen controls on this handheld gaming system let you control your game better. The full-size stylus lets you precisely control your characters while gaming on this Nintendo gaming console. Use the built-in camera of this handheld gaming system to click pictures on the go and share them with your Nintendo DS friends, for added fun. Nintendo DSi Sound will take your gaming experience to another level with its amazing sound reproduction. You can also enjoy interactive web sessions using the Nintendo DSi Browser in this Nintendo DSi XL. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars
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By:   cameron102390
Apr 9, 2010
Nintendo DSi XL Blue Handheld System

Nintendo DSi XL Review, a Bigger DSi

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Big Screen, Stylish Design, Internal Wi-Fi

Cons: Blurry Images, no processor enhancements

The Bottom Line: 
The DSi XL is the same old console, just grown up a bit!

Author's Review
The Nintendo DS is one of the greatest handheld consoles that has been made in my opinion, the sheer innovation and features that the Nintendo DS offers are enough to make any gamer jump for joy. The latest breed of Nintendo DS consoles are the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, both of which I am extremely excited and pleased with. Now one might wonder what a DSi XL is. Well, this is actually just a larger version of the Nintendo DSi. But, if you want to experience a bigger screen, especially while playing games, taking pictures, or surfing the internet you’ll definitely want to have a DSi XL on hand.

Sadly aside from the screen there aren’t really any more advances that make the DSi XL a smart purchase over the ordinary DSi, in fact for most children the XL won’t make sense because it is really too large to be portable, especially when you compare the XL to the ordinary model. There has also been no improvement in the cameras on the XL, so any pictures that you take will still be of the same quality that they are on the ordinary DSi. The DSi XL is actually quite huge when you compare it to the ordinary model, measuring 6.34 inches wide, so it’s easy to say that you won’t just be pocketing this console.

The buttons on the XL are all similar to the standard model, and they are all in the same places. I do find this model easier to use because there is much more space for my hands and the stylus is still in the same spot as the ordinary model. When Nintendo created the XL they didn’t improve the 0.3-megapixel cameras that are located on the unit, and unfortunately due to the larger screen the photos that are shot with this camera tend to look blurry, and I really can’t see using this camera feature for anything aside from a quick face book photo.

The DSi XL also comes with all of the included software that the standard DSi comes equipped with, and I must say that I am quite impressed with the DSi Web Browser. I haven’t suffered any problems with Wi-Fi connectivity, and I actually like taking the DSi to hot spots and surfing the internet, as well as on my own home network. The screens are large enough to I don’t have a problem viewing websites, and the brightness is just right so my eyes don’t get strained when I am out. There are also three games that come pre-installed on the unit, Two Brain Age Express titles, and Flipnote Studio.

The DSi XL also comes pre-installed with access to more application and software downloads for the unit, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you are ready to go. The XL has support for SDHC cards of up to 32GB, so you’ll be able to store files such as photos on these with ease. The XL also boasts the same internal processor and memory as the DSi, 133MHz processor and 16MB of RAM, so you won’t experience a noticeable jump in performance. On the other hand battery life has increased, with Nintendo promising 13 to 17 hours on a single charge.

Overall if you are looking for a larger device to play DS games, and surf the internet then you’ll want to check out the DSi XL. Internally there isn’t any difference from the DSi other then size, but the bigger screen and better battery life might be a must have for some consumers. I like the DSi XL, and I don’t consider it a wasted purchase, but you’ll really want to make sure that this handheld is right for you before you make the purchase as it does cost $20 more then the average DSi and $60 more then the DS Lite, both of which are also sufficient handheld choices.

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