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Ninety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360 Video Games

Ninety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360

Game Language: Chinese, English NTSC HDTV(D4), ESRB Rating: Teen
Lowest Price: Microsoft Store   $19.99
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Overall Rating: Rating: 3.0/5 stars
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By: jkafer
Nov 20, 2006

Ninety-Nine Nights - A better hack-n-slash

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: varied action, addictive gameplay, tons and tons of enemies

Cons: no checkpoints

Bottom Line:
N3 is a highly underrated hack 'n slash game that is one of the best in this niche genre. Read More at

By: awoolcott in Games at
Aug 27, 2006

Hack, Slash, It's All In The Mind - Ninety-Nine Nights

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Exceptional hack & slash action, nice art style

Cons: It's just a hack & slash game, no friggin' checkpoints during long stages? HULK SMASH!

Bottom Line:
Do you like Dynasty Warriors? Do you own an Xbox 360? Then hit your local gaming establishment and look for the game with the jailbait on the cover. Read More at

By: blackpotion
Mar 24, 2007

A Fun Game to Rent

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars

Pros: -Awesome graphics -Fun fighting system

Cons: -Hardly any storyline -Poorly put together Read More at

Lowest Price: Microsoft Store   $19.99
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