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NASCAR 09  (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) nascar 09 microsoft xbox 360 2008

NASCAR 09 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008)

Price Range:
  $29.95 to $69.99
EA's best-selling racing series continues with authentic cars, drivers, venues, and sponsors from the speed-driven sport's 2008... Read More
EA's best-selling racing series continues with authentic cars, drivers, venues, and sponsors from the speed-driven sport's 2008 season. Featured locales range from speedways and super speedways to short tracks and road courses. A new career mode involves building your driver's reputation while competing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Building reputation is accomplished by leading laps, passing cars, avoiding wrecks, qualifying, and more. Your reputation influences the behavior of the computer AI, the quality of potential sponsorship offers, and even the type of opponents you'll face online. <br><br>The Sprint Driver Challenge is a separate play mode featuring multiple race-specific scenarios to complete before engaging in head-to-head events against the sport's most recognizable stars. Cover star Jeff Gordon serves as your personal guide and mentor to the world of NASCAR, offering advice and tips to help improve your level of play. A more forgiving handling model is included to help those new to NASCAR stay on the track without spinning out. Veteran drivers can still choose a simulation-style control scheme for an added challenge, and an assortment of car customization options are available to improve each vehicle's performance on the demanding tracks. Online support is included for up to 14 players. Minimize
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Overall Rating: Rating: 4.36/5 stars
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By: nighthawk205
Jun 18, 2008

Miles upon miles in first place, but spins out on the last lap

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Great visuals, realistic driving physics

Cons: Unclear tuning settings

Bottom Line:
Great racing simulator with only minimal room for improvement. Definitely recommended for any Nascar and racing fan. Read More at

By: toiletoctopus
Nov 24, 2010

Nascar 09-The End of an Era

Author's Rating: Rating: 1/5 stars

Pros: Sound, Graphics

Cons: Cars Handling, Replay Value, Graphics glitch

Bottom Line:
Nascar 09 is a stinker of a game, due to the lack of handling. Avoid this because it causes headaches instead of fun. Read More at

Lowest Price: eBay   $14.99
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