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MotoGP '07 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2007)

MotoGP '07 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2007)

THQ's MotoGP series rips its way across the pavement and onto the Xbox 360 once again with bikes, riders, and tracks from the 2007... Read More
THQ's MotoGP series rips its way across the pavement and onto the Xbox 360 once again with bikes, riders, and tracks from the 2007 season. Action is available in n "Challenge" mode, "Extreme mode," or online with up to 16 friends through Xbox Live. In "Extreme" mode, gamers ride bikes from three different weight classes while taking part in races on 18 fictional tracks from around the globe. Players win prize money and then use it to upgrade their bike or buy a new one. Additionally, online racers may now challenge friends in "pink-slip" races where the winner takes the loser's car. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   koihoshi
Dec 7, 2007
MotoGP '07 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2007)

Simply Amazing!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Eye candy, customization, great physics, realistic feel, extreme detail, real tracks. Awesome.

Cons: Customization is somewhat limited for bikes/suits.

The Bottom Line: 
Awesome game. Who would have thought someone could bring the real deal to the game world and do it so well?

Author's Review
As a huge MotoGP fan and a motorcyclist who loves to ride his sportbikes I can say that this game was the most appealing to me lately. I own many of the other MotoGP games such as MotoGP 2 and MotoGP 3.

MotoGP is a simulator game for the popular european sport, MotoGP (Moto Grand Prix). In which the sport motorcycles are heavily modified for racing and race on some of the worlds most famous and exciting tracks such as Laguna Seca, Mugello and Estoril.

The tracks in the game have everything from the bumps, the curves and the feel that only this game can offer.

The graphics are superb and offer some serious eye candy. The detail in the motorcycles is intense and you can see everything down to the detailed instruments and the chain and pieces of the bike all the way down to the texture and chickenstrips (commonly referred to as the rubber strips that you can see how far a motorcycle has been leaned over) on the actual tires with the rubber texture.

On top of the bike detail, there is also the suit detail. In which case you will see the awesome detail of the suit, the rider, his riding position and how he interacts and moves with the bike.

Take these things, and add in the fact that you can actually customize your leathers AND your bike with custom paint jobs and logos, colors, flags and numbers and writing and text AND use them on xbox live! This adds a huge factor to the ability of customization to the game and gives you a great feeling as you make your bike all yours, customize it and give it your feel.

There are several modes. There is the hardcore mode which allows you to buy motorcycles and race them but you must beat the career mode first. As well as the regular mode where you race MotoGP in career. There is also multiplayer which allows you to go on xbox live and race against other players.

Enough about the modes and eye candy, lets talk about the GAME!

The actual sound to the bikes is pretty pleasing. The engine sounds actually do resemble very well what the actual thing sounds like and do vary from bike to bike. From the high scream of an in-line 4 Japanese bike to the nice tone of a Ducati V-Twin or other engine. The bikes all handle slightly different with a different feel. The nice thing no matter how each bike handles is that as you progress in the game, for each race you win and each challenge you complete (The challenges are a speed challenge where you try to achieve a high speed on a certain corner, or achieve a completion of a course under a certain time, or follow a rider around the track for a lap or two and meet within a certain time constraint) gives you points to upgrade your rider. The upgrading allows you to corner better, brake, accelerate or have higher top speed to compensate your riding style.

Once you actually get into racing is when everything comes to live. You have many camera views from 3rd person to 1st person. The nice thing about this is that there are many way to experience the game if you enjoy an arcade view in 3rd person and see your racer moving and racing the bike. Or, if you prefer the experience of being there, on the bike, there is first person where you can see everything from the actual fairings to the dash and tach and speedometer. The detail in 1st person is intense, seeing the weave in the carbon fiber pieces, the reflection of metal pieces and everything you want.

The actual special effects used in the game are also very impressive. Just as in real life as you go faster and faster, the force of the wind hitting you is more intense. In the game as you go faster and faster approaching high speeds in 1st person your face will get pulled back (simulating the camera being pulled back away from the windshield, just like the real deal, every so slightly) until you slow down.

The amazing thing is that as you lean off in 1st person, the camera angle simulates hanging off the bike and the feeling of leaning WITH the bike. It really is impressive and I never thought I would live to see the day a racing simulator could actually give the feeling of hanging off of a sportbike going around a race track. Of course, NOTHING compares to the real feeling but this simulator definitely reaches out and comes close in what looks to be a promising future for racing simulators.

Shifting, the effects of downshifting and upshifting in coordination with racing and how it all comes together. Overall, this is definitely a game worth playing.

The AI varies from extremely stupid and easy to fairly difficult and challenging all the way up to pure insanity depending on how good you are.

Overall this gets 5/5 for me. I love it. Absolutely amazing. The only downside is that unfortunately the customization of the bikes and suits is limited to a specific number of decals, which sometimes, doesn't seem enough. Other than that, I have no gripes.

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