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Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Kinect, Microsoft's motion-detecting camera with built-in microphone, debuted at E3 2009 at the Microsoft Press Conference.
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   chuckyj360
Dec 30, 2010
Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Ultimate Kinect Review

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Size, design, no controller in hand, Video chat

Cons: Some games not accurate

The Bottom Line: 
If you have an Xbox 360 or are looking at the Xbox 360 bundles... The Kinect is a must buy.  Great family fun! Single player and multi-player! 

Author's Review
Click for the complete breakdown…Before the Kinect system was launched there were a lot of people who wanted to see it fail, before even giving it a shot.  However, despite that the Kinect has been a wild success as it will sell more the 5 million units during the holiday season.  This is the most fun I have ever had playing video games.  The Kinect is a wild runaway success and deserves to be one.

It is a very small compact motion camera system.  The only drawback for some people is the space you need for the sensor to detect you.  This isn’t a very big issue for me and I think most people this will not be an issue either.  But, you need roughly 6-10 ft. of clear space from you to the camera sensor detection system.  Once you get it set up and you start to realize it really isn’t that much space that’s required and shouldn’t be an issue.  But, it is the reason I knocked 5 pts. Off, because it shouldn’t be an issue for 95% of Kinect users, but those 5% that won’t be able to enjoy the Kinect family fun I feel sorry for.

I can’t give this a grade. Like all console launches not the entire launch games play like a dream.  You can definitely tell the games developers took their time with and developed to perfection.  These games include: Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Kinectimals and Dance Central are all games I’ve played and for the most part are very accurate.  However, some games I’ve played have been stinkers rushed to the retail market with horrible control such as the following games: Fighters: Uncaged, Motion sports, Deca Sports freedom are all games that got it wrong.

The accuracy of the game is all in the hands of the developer.  There are plenty of games that have very high accuracy.  So when a developer takes the development time and proper testing accuracy is not a problem.  But, when a developer tries to rush a game out to retail, that is when the problems start to happen with the accuracy of the Kinect system.

Like every other system out it will have horrible games lacking even the basic accuracy, but the Kinect will also definitely have jewels in its games’ library. 

Kinect Launch Titles… 85/100
I will be listing all the games, but if I purchased the game I will give a review of the game as well. 

Kinect Adventures

This is an excellent pack in choice.  For the most part this is a very accurate game.  The 5 mini-games included, have quite a bit of depth and are very fun to play.  The mini-games are also a heck of a work out and even better family fun.   The Kinect will also take your photos during the mini-games and show you them after, you complete the game.  Kinect Adventure is very Fun and an excellent choice for a pack in game.  Great family fun!

My 3 yr. old daughter loves this game.  The obstacle courses are her favorite to guide her tiger cub through.  She also loves to decorate and redecorate the cub’s house.  She caught on to this game very quick and loves navigating through the menus and toys.  If you have a young child in your house this is a must buy.  If you don’t have a younger child you’ll probably want to avoid this game.  It’s cute, but not very deep.

Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports is easily my favorite of the launch titles.  Kinect sports is a very accurate game with very little to no lag.  There is a lot of longevity in this title.  Not only do you get the main event games to go through, but you also get Mini-games for each of the Main event games which include (Track and Field, Table Tennis, volleyball, bowling, soccer, and boxing)  There was also a free downloadable add-on for mini-games to expand the life of this title further.  This is an extremely fun and addicting game.  But, is also one of the better workout titles for the Kinect.  Because, boy this game will make you sore the next day.  I LOVE this GAME!!  

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
This is the only exercise game built from the ground up to support the Kinect motion system.   They get their workouts from Men and Women health magazines, so they are legitimate workout programs.  The game is super accurate as it detects 50,000 different points on your body and will help correct you if you are performing the exercise wrong.  Not, only do you get the huge variety of workouts available, but there are also very engaging mini-games that will help you burn those extra calories off.  This is the best exercise game on the Kinect system and yes, it will give you an excellent workout.  But, it won’t do it for you and won’t count your calories, unless you are actually performing the exercise! Have Fun…  

Other launch games include
Kinect Joy Ride
Sonic Riders
EA Active 2
Adrenalin Misfits 
Dance Central

And a few other games made the launch cut.  All in all it was a very good game as it sits right now about 3 of the 12 launch titles have sold over 1 million units and another 2 are nearing the 1 million unit mark.
Great Launch line-up of Kinect titles, but kind of slim pickings for the hardcore gamers.  Now that I am a father of 2 daughters, I have kind of slid into the casual gaming market anyway.  More titles targeting hardcore audiences are supposed to start appearing next year.

Future games support 85/100
Here are future games that will appear to the more mature gaming audiences
Project Draco
This game will be big if done correctly and handled with care…You should care about this games existence, because this game is being developed by the man who developed the Panzer Dragoon series for the Sega Saturn.  This game will be hyped more and more as it gets closer to release.  This titles could be huge for Kinect when released.
Forza Motorsport 4
Microsoft’s flagship racing title will be getting the Kinect treatment.  As of right now it is unknown how much Kinect function this game will implement into the gameplay.  But, if they pull it off right this could be huge for both the Forza franchise and for the Kinect system.

Kinect Star Wars
Oh… come on who doesn’t want to have a light saber duel with Darth Vader Kinect style.  We all knew it was going to happen and hopefully sooner than later.  The game is slated for a Nov. 2011 release date.

Rise of Nightmares
This is a survival horror game built from the ground up exclusively for the Kinect system.

Other upcoming games include
SpongeBob Square pants game
Grand Slam Tennis 2011
Dance Central 2
Fantastic Pets
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

And many more Kinect games are currently unannounced titles.

Total Future Support
With the Kinect selling over 5 million units over the holiday season this is a sure bet.  Every gaming company under the sun will take a gamble with the Kinect system and games will keep getting better and better as companies learn from their mistakes and harness the power and uniqueness of the Kinect gaming system.  Most every game publisher has signed on to design Kinect games. 

If you have an Xbox 360 system or are looking to get one the Kinect system should be a sure add-on addition.  Every Xbox 360 should have the Kinect to complete it.  This is the most fun I have ever had playing video games, and actually helps keep me in shape too.  Long gone are the days of lazy gaming.  The Kinect is the first step to the new gaming future.   This is a must buy!

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