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Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Kinect, Microsoft's motion-detecting camera with built-in microphone, debuted at E3 2009 at the Microsoft Press Conference.
Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars
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By:   timetol00t12
Nov 14, 2011
Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Really Fun!

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Very nice look and the camera follows you. Really Realistic play.

Cons: Sometimes really laggy.

The Bottom Line: 
The Kinect has more good parts rather then bad parts thats why I got it.  Ofcourse you wont find players like Fifa 12 or Assassins Creeed. 

Author's Review
My self as a consumer, I love Kinect. Its a great way to get exercise and not break your TV screen. Unlike Wii, where you would have to buy a remote and by accident the remote slips out of your hand and hit the TV screen, the Kinect you can play without anything. Many people wonder why should I get a Kinect for $149.99 when I can get a Wii for that much. Well as you see, for Wii every player needs his/her own remote while on the Kinect, second player can join and it will automatically split. Therefore, the Kinect is cheaper for family play or if you play with friends often. The Xbox Market shows that there are currently 37 games for Kinect and many more to come. I haven't played many games as I just got my Kinect last week. It came with a free copy of Kinect Adventures which is fun but childish. I also got Kinect Sports Season 2 which in my opinion is LIVE. I love playing Tennis. Its fun yet original. But there is a bit of lag with the Kinect sensor. For example when you hit a shot, the racket sometimes moves after 1 second even after you swing your arm. That is a bad part about it. The microphone on Kinect is quite good and it listens quite well. The camera on Kinect is not bad, but its not that great either if you know what i mean. The video chat is good through PC and Kinect and I think is a useful point as many people want to use Skype on TV but cant, therefore, this is a great alternative. The Kinect looks really good and the glossy design is nice. The auto focus on it is just amazing. The price as i mentioned is $149.99 but is on sale now for $99.00 (InCanada). In short, price is reasonable, games are fun, and camera is good. So its definitively worth a try.

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