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Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Kinect, Microsoft's motion-detecting camera with built-in microphone, debuted at E3 2009 at the Microsoft Press Conference.
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   jobsbyjeremy
Dec 24, 2010
Microsoft Kinect (LPF-00004) for Xbox 360

Microsoft's Kinect: A Work of Art

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Great motion tracking capabilities, lots of customization, great for families.

Cons: Still a small amount of flaws such as voice recognition, but nothing major.

The Bottom Line: 
I recommend the Microsoft Kinect because of its amazing motion tracking technology and that it is also tons of fun for kids of all ages and even adults, too.

Author's Review
Everyone knows about the Nintendo Wii, the first ever console that used a motion controller. Since then, there have been many improvements to that basis, such as the Playstation Move controller. But no one expected Microsoft to reveal a device that required only YOUR BODY to use it. This technology is years ahead of its time. I bought this product to try it out...I didn't actually believe it would work well. On the contrary, the device blew me away. The Kinect is very accurate in tracking your body, whether you be short or tall, young or old. There is a variety of games already out for the Kinect that are great for families, such as Kinect Sports and Dance Central. The Kinect also has a camera built in, and it takes pictures while you're in the middle of playing games, which you can upload to Facebook and keep for a lifetime. Overall, the Kinect is priced reasonably at 150 dollars for such an amazing product that lets you be the controller, with a lot of customization and versatility. All you need is an Xbox 360 and you're set. The Kinect is also voice controlled, so you can use your voice to let it know what you want to do or play. Put down that's your turn to be the controller. 

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