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K'NEX Super Value Tub Toys

K'NEX Super Value Tub

Packed with 325 parts, including bricks, rids & connectors for lots of open-ended building fun Building instructions and ideas for 20 models or use your own imagination Handy storage tub means you can take the fun with you and clean-up is easy For ages 7+, Manufacturer: K'NEX
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Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   pestyside
Dec 10, 2011
K'NEX Super Value Tub

Imagine Build, Play, Expand creativity with K'nex

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Makes learning fun, Interactive, Educational, Affordable, Entertaining, Fun, Good Quality, Easy to Use, Good Value

Cons: We want more than one

The Bottom Line: 
K'nex can keep someone busy for hours but I don't recommend this for young children, especially those three and under. The Super Tub is a great introduction.     

Author's Review
The K'nex Super Value Tub could be the start of something new or could be the bridge to something bigger, it depends upon how much experience you have with K'nex building sets or how many you currently have. My collection is fairly large and each time I discover a sale on K'nex the collection grows. This large, plastic storage tub holds 325 K'nex parts including a variety of bricks. These work with all of the K'nex bricks and the standard and micro K'nex parts. The bricks provide flexibility and creative opportunities for those who wander away from the standard designs. 

The accompanying instruction book provides building instructions and ideas for 20 projects that includes a glider, super buggy, and T-Rex. The instructions offer step-by-step plans while the ideas are images and directions for retrieving the details at All K'nex sets come with an introduction to building basics, how to use the connectors and spacers, and a parts list. There is very little written instruction, mostly pictures of the parts and numbered, sequential steps. What this doesn't have is a specific material list for each set of building instructions. 

This kit contains a variety of bricks including long wedges, flat bricks, gothic flat bricks, and 2 x 4 bricks; circular and semi-circular connectors; many of the various standard connectors; rods of all lengths and much more. The set has 325 pieces that all work together and work with all of the other standard sets. The projects in this set will rely upon the use of bricks. Since most of my other sets are brick free if I wanted to make multiples of items in this set (dueling pterodactyls for example) I could use parts from my other tubs but will need to pick up spare bricks.

All 325 pieces easily store in the big plastic tub with a lot of extra room remaining for additional pieces from smaller thematic sets. While tempted to combine my simple machines educational kits into this tub, I really like the organization strategies provided in those kits. K'nex also sells grab bags of bricks, connectors and rods (172 pieces). This Super Value Tub will provide an introduction to K'nex for children/adults unfamiliar with this fun construction toy; it will enhance existing kits making it possible to expand designs or create multiple versions of the same project. For those who want instructions beyond this booklet or what's available online, K'nex has a Big Book of Building Ideas with directions for assembling 100 projects.  

K'nex can keep someone busy for hours but I don't recommend this for young children, especially those three and under. The size of these standard K'nex pieces and the complexity of the instructions are not designed for children five and under although I think this is best for children over seven. I consider this a tremendous resource for grandparents and favorite aunts and uncles to have for visiting children. Teachers and museum educators will always find uses for tubs full of K'nex building pieces. I recommend this as an introductory collection or as additional pieces for existing sets. I recommend this for a fun time. 

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Lowest Price: eBay   $24.95
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