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Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold Figure

Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold Figure

Product Features: Action Figure Type: Movie / TV and Comic Book; Game Accessory Type: Other Game Pieces; Toy Category: Board Games and More
Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars
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By:   elvisdo
Dec 14, 2007
Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold Figure

Justice League Unlimited: Booster Gold — All That Glitters is Certainly Gold

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Great detail and likeness; Skeets accessory

Cons: Limited articulation

The Bottom Line: 
Booster Gold isn't your average hero which is why it's a great surprise to see him in this lineup. Okay, I just really want Skeets.

Author's Review
Not every superhero puts on a costume to do good deeds. If you had extraordinary abilities, or had the technology to stand out among the crowd to do amazing things, what would be the first thing running through your mind? It would be exactly my thought as well—“How do I make a profit out of this?” In Booster Gold’s case, this is exactly his line of thinking. Incredibly, Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited series has included him in its lineup and I for one couldn’t be happier to see Booster Gold make an appearance.

Born in the 25th Century, Michael Jon “Booster” Carter is a disgraced college football player who was banned from the sport after betting on his own games. He takes a job as a night watchman as a space museum, where he learns all about the superheroes and villains from the 20th Century. With the help of the security robot Skeets and stealing some devices form the museum, he travels back in time to the 20th Century to embark on his new life as a superhero. But there is not altruistic about his intentions. He is out to make a buck and forms a corporation around himself to exploit his own worth, much to the irritation of the real superheroes. Over the course of time, he does manage to join the Justice League in its various incarnations, most notably during a time when he met his best friend, the Blue Beetle.

Seeing Booster Gold as an action figure as well as part of this collection is actually quite exciting. His entire appearance is spot on and translates extremely well in this animated styling with his sleek uniform. In the comic books, he is usually depicted wearing a yellow and blue outfit (the yellow being shiny in nature), but Mattel decides to take it further and replacing the yellow parts with gold. I applaud this move as it grossly shows the egotistical nature of this character. But with that move, the blue parts have becoming extremely dark almost to the point that it’s black. All of sudden, he seems like he’s wearing a totally different outfit, yet the design is still the same.

The detailing is great especially around his head. The hair is nice and coifed, the goggles on his mask fit perfectly on his face, and the collar on his neck really helps complete his outfit. It’s these small things that make the figure more authentic. However, the best accessory is his robot Skeets, who is also included with this figure. I just wish Skeets was coloured in his gold form instead of gray. It almost feels like Mattel forgot to do this in the end. Also included is a trading card. But the downside is the limited articulation on this figure.

Booster Gold was also featured in a three-pack alongside Superman and Martian Manhunter. That version of Booster Gold comes without Skeets but has more blue in his costume. Personally, I would suck up the extra dollars and pick up the single-carded version just for Skeets alone. After all, Skeets is the brains of this operation, and what is a superhero without brains?


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