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Intex 18' X 48" Inflatable Above Ground Pools

Intex 18' X 48" Inflatable Above Ground Pools

Product Features: Type: Swimming Pool and Spa Supplies; Swimming Pool and Spa Supply Type: Above-Ground Pools, Pool and Spa Filters
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   jmarton
Sep 22, 2007
Intex 18' X 48" Inflatable Above Ground Pools

Finally fixed air leak in outer ring of intex pool

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Easy to find leaks, inexpensive, robust system, nothing has broken after 5 years

Cons: pump is weak for circulation, water is hot on top and cold on bottom

The Bottom Line: 
A good purchase, very solid product and repairable if air leaks.

Author's Review
I finally figured out how to find the dreaded air leak in the outer ring and then fix it easily! This is a common problem with these pools after 3 years of use. You need to pressurize the outer ring. I simply attached a low pressure/high volume air pump (1.25 psi) to the outer ring and left it running for 15 minutes. Within 5 minutes the ring was fully inflated and spitting out air through the leaks. I dipped my hand in the pool and wiped water on the top of the outer ring and listened closely and carefully. The pool actually squealed air out due to the added pump pressure. I circled the pinholes with marker and moved on. I found 6 pinholes (all on the top surface). I shut-off the pump to reduce pressure then applied clear silicone leak sealant to cover the pinholes and immediately covered it with a strip of duct tape while the silicone was wet. It hasn't leaked since.

Stop looking for leaking seams, or using dish soap for bubbles, or inspecting without highly pressurizing the outer ring. My only warning is be prepare to accept that you may blow-up the pool if you over-inflate the outer ring. I didn't at 1.25 psi, so I'm happy with the result.

Good Luck.

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