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Intel Pentium III 1.4 GHz (BX80530C1400512) Processor

Intel Pentium III 1.4 GHz (BX80530C1400512) Processor

The Intel Pentium III processor offers great performance for today and tomorrow's applications, as well as quality, reliability, and... Read More
The Intel Pentium III processor offers great performance for today and tomorrow's applications, as well as quality, reliability, and compatibility from the world's leading microprocessor company. The Pentium III processor enables higher polygon counts and advanced lighting effects, which can provide software and Web sites with more lifelike surfaces, more objects rendered in a given scene, and amazing shadow effects and reflections rendered in real time. The performance of the Pentium III processor enables software developers to incorporate a greater degree of realism and interactivity. Imagine flight simulators with wings that actually flex, driving simulations with suspension that actually works, or gaming characters with fingers that can touch and grasp. The Pentium III processor can provide better responsiveness with your graphics software by offering increased frame rates, color depths, and image processing algorithms. This means you can work with large, complex images and digital photographs without the wait. Because video files tend to be large, all the benefits of the Pentium III processor realized for still imaging are even more important for editing and viewing video. In addition, the performance capabilities of the processor allow for real-time MPEG-2 video encoding and editing and great performance for streaming video - resulting in higher-quality video on the Internet. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   dbodily
Apr 5, 2000
Intel Pentium III 1.4 GHz (BX80530C1400512) Processor

processor high on speed

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: reliable, excellent technical and design support

Cons: $ a little pricier than AMD

Author's Review
I have dealt with several different brands of CPU's from intel, AMD, Cyrix, Alpha and even motorola. All of the processors can not be compared directly since the processor architecture is so different. Intel, AMD and Cyrix have produced CISC (complex instruction set computing) processor chips for distribution. Alpha and motorola are producing RISC (reduced instruction set computing) processors. Comparison of CISC to RISC processors is like comparing apples and oranges unfortunately. I have had the opportunity to look at and use the different CISC processors. AMD and Intel are the most competitive processors for the home and business users.

The Intel 500MHz Pentium III is a great little processor. I have to install software all the time. There is a noticeable difference in installation speed from similar processors running from 350MHz to 500MHz. Running programs is also noticeably different when using high powered software applications that require many iterations such as autocad, mathcad, programming applications and compilers.

Intel also has an excellent reputation with its processors also. I have only seen 1 intel processor truly go bad and that was due to requirements that exceeded the temperature limits of the processor and the processor overheated and essentially fried. This was a problem caused by the design of the motherboard and the system peripheral requirements. ( I have over 800 computers that I have responsibility to take care of maintenance and install new hardware and software.) Of the computers that I work with I have them in many different environments such as manufacturing to general office. Of the 4500 computers in my work place that have intel processors we have only had to replace 3 Intel processors in comparison to other processors such as AMD and Cyrix which is a much smaller number at 100 computers for AMD and 100 for Cyrix. I have had to replace on Cyrix processor and my coworkers have replace one Cryix and 3 AMD processors. The Cyrix computers are in computers which do very little work and very temperature controlled situations, the AMD processors are all connected to CAD equipment which is a harsh manufacturing environment.

Due to the reliability of the Intel processors we are now replacing all of the older workstation computers with new computers all with 500MHz or better intel processors.

In my home I have both Intel processors and an AMD processor. I have not had any problem personally with either brand in my home. I personally like the price of the AMD processor in comparison to the Intel processor, but the reliability issue is why I have more Intel processors then AMD.

Intel has to have a 5 star rating for reliability. Intel gets 4 star rating on price. Intel gets 5 stars in technical support information. Overall Intel gets a 5 star rating in my opinion.


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