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Hunter: The Reckoning  (Microsoft Xbox, 2002) hunter reckon microsoft xbox 2002

Hunter: The Reckoning (Microsoft Xbox, 2002)

Set in White Wolf's World of Darkness universe, Hunter: The Reckoning follows the exploits of the Hunters -- a clandestine... Read More
Set in White Wolf's World of Darkness universe, Hunter: The Reckoning follows the exploits of the Hunters -- a clandestine organization dedicated to ridding the world of demonic entities. Monsters now live among the population and appear normal to the naked eye. The Hunters, however, have the gift of Second Sight, the ability to see the monstrosities for what they really are. Brought together by circumstance, four people must fight the onslaught of evil to save the community of Ashcroft and all of humanity.<br><br>A beat-'em-up action title similar to Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Hunter: The Reckoning lets four players cooperate simultaneously. Players can assume the role of Spenser "Duece" Wyatt, Father Esteban Cortez, Samantha Alexander, or Cassandra Chyung, each of whom is imbued with distinct abilities, characteristics, and Edge powers -- special abilities that manifest themselves in defensive, offensive, and passive forms. <br><br>Players fight their way through 23 levels ranging from a train station, to a cemetery, to a derelict prison. The hordes of enemies encompass no fewer than 20 different forms, including ghoulish terrors such as zombies, vampires, scurrying spider-like martyrs, and many other abominations of the night, all of which can be dismembered piece by piece. Characters are armed with both ranged and melee weapons, the latter having infinite ammunition. <br><br>Littered throughout the levels are more powerful secondary weapons such as shotguns (riot, combat, and double-barreled types), machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. Inate Edge powers are also provided but can only be used when the character has enough Conviction (magic power) in reserve. Additionally, characters can perform melee combination attacks by pressing multiple buttons. <br><br>Movement is performed using the left analog stick while the right analog stick allows players to aim independently of their current direction of movement. Strangely shaped glyphs can be found to replenish a character's health or Conviction, or to increase strength and accuracy attributes. Characters will gain experience during the course of their quest, allowing them to increase in level and skill. This in turn translates into more powerful Edge attacks that increase in range and damage potential. Minimize
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Overall Rating: Rating: 4.34/5 stars
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By: gameinsomniac
Sep 10, 2002

Hunter the Reckoning Rocks!!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Multiplayer, lots of hack and slash action, great challenge factor, 4 characters

Cons: Pretty difficult in some parts!

Bottom Line:
Hunter is a great game to pick up if you're looking for a challenge, as well as a cool multiplayer game. A great replacement for Halo! Read More at

By: stony45
Jul 13, 2002

Best Game for X-Box, Baby! Updated! And Again!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Great hack-n-slash-n-gun gameplay. Nice graphics. Just really fun overall.

Cons: A bit confusing in multiplayer, bosses are tough.

Bottom Line:
I highly recommend renting before buying. If you like it, buy it. You won't be disappointed. It has great graphics, sound, control, and everything else. An all-around great game. Read More at

By: Gthomp1
Jul 13, 2002

How Many Zombies Can A Hunter Slice Up?

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Great Hack-n-Slash Mayhem, Smooth Graphics, Cool Bad Guys

Cons: Short, Random Music, Action button limited

Bottom Line:
If you have a weekend and are looking for a decent game to wile the time away, pick up or rent Hunter: The Reckoning. Read More at

By: yayapex2
Jan 29, 2005

"You Are The Reckoning."

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Multi-Player, Countless Enemies, Explosions

Cons: Sometimes Too Many Enemies

Bottom Line:
This is one great multi-player game whether you are fooling around or playing seriously. Read More at

By: yayapex2
Feb 16, 2005

"The Hunt Continues."

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Fun, Multi-Player, Unlockable Content, Less Enemies Than the Original

Cons: Nothing but the Camera Angles

Bottom Line:
This is one heck of a game. The multi-player and unlocking stuff will keep you playing for a while. Read More at

By: flash-hammer
Jun 22, 2005

Hunt it down at a low price for 4-Player hijinks

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Story, 4-Player support, fun slashing action

Cons: a tad repetitive, 4-Player mode can actually cause problems

Bottom Line:
Hunter is a fun game on single player, but it's even more of a laugh on 4-Player co-op. If you have 3 willing friends, it's a great laugh. Read More at

By: hope73
Jul 22, 2002

Killing Monsters Has Never Been More Fun!

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Great multi-player, spooky settings, fun!

Cons: Bad camera angles at times, bosses too difficult to defeat

Bottom Line:
Hunter is a good, solid game which truly shines in multi-player mode, and I recommend the title to fans of survival horror and action/adventure genres. Read More at

By: Mike_Bracken in Games at
Feb 18, 2005

A Series Redeemed? Not Quite. Hunter the Reckoning: Redeemer

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Stays true to the hack and slash formula with a few tweaks.

Cons: Doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

Bottom Line:
Worth a look if you liked the earlier games. Read More at

By: nick7jq
Oct 30, 2012

Hunter: The Reckoning

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Looks solid, characters all control differently, good sound 

Cons: Mindless, repetitive, linear 

Bottom Line:
6.4/10 Read More at

By: jul_7_1989
Aug 8, 2002

Hunter: The Reckoning; A decent game

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: Exceptionally good graphics, decent gameplay, good controls

Cons: Multiplayer is weird, music is repetitive, creatures can get very hard

Bottom Line:
I do recommend this game to some people because it has its strong and its weak parts. Read More at

By: dancingsnake
Dec 5, 2003

A great multi-player experience

Author's Rating: Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: A great multi-player with a horror twist.

Cons: This game was incredibly difficult towards the end. the camera gets finicky at times.

Bottom Line:
A good game with unforgivable mistakes. Buy it if you see it real cheap, or better yet, just wait and get the second. Read More at