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2000 Accord

2000 Accord

Honda Accord is arguably the best mid-size sedan available. It does everything well. The interior is roomy and comfortable, the suspension... Read More
Honda Accord is arguably the best mid-size sedan available. It does everything well. The interior is roomy and comfortable, the suspension is responsive and well damped, the brakes are excellent, and both of its VTEC engines-a 3.0-liter V6 and a 2.3-liter four-cylinder-are incredibly smooth. It is a remarkably easy car to drive and every aspect of it is user friendly. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   jeorgiagirl
Oct 18, 2005
2000 Accord

Pushing 150,000 miles - EGR valve clogged

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Reliable. Economical. Dependable. Good MPG. Powerful engine for the price.

Cons: A bit ordinary - the road is full of them!

The Bottom Line: 
A solid car to own due to its dependability. The only reason to deviate is if you want to pay more for something more unique or stylish.

Author's Review
I have the 6 cylinder sedan and have passed the 150K mark. I don't see too many reviews of this 5 year old car with this many miles so I'll sum up some of the repairs I have had to do. I consider almost all of them reasonable and just the cost of driving a lot of miles every day.

1) Both sway bars had to be replaced at 60,000 miles and then individually at 83K and 90K. I don't know if I was accelerating into driveways like they claimed or had a bad alignment but I eventually gave in to a Pep Boys realignment and have not had a problem since. To have a single sway bar replaced was about $90.

2) Cross threaded oil pan screw threads. Someone along the line cross threaded the drain bolt and eventually I had to have the oil pan replaced. This was around $200 which I probably could have avoided by using more trustworthy oil changers. My fault.

3) Insufficient EGR flow. Check engine light went on at about 152,000 miles. Diagnostic indicated code 0401. Apparently this was happening with some regularity to previous Honda engines but the whole Honda Extended Warranty involves particular VIN numbers and something like '93 to '99 models. Also, it is limited to less than 80,000 miles. They told me my model would have been possibly covered IF I had less than 80,000 miles. I wasn't even close at 150K+. This repair just cost me $330. There is about 3 hours of charged labor involved and a 'repair kit' as the part you need. While I am not terribly happy about this, I figure it is just one of those things which comes along with many miles on a car.

4) Of course through the years, I have been doing oil changes every 3K to 5K and have changed my tires twice: at 75,000 and 150,000 miles ($500 per set of four tires). I am doing about 98% freeway miles with no traffic if that helps explain things. For about the first 50,000 miles I was almost religious about scheduled tune-ups although I am getting a bit more lax about doing them (It should be the other way around). I also changed the timing belt at 105K which wasn't cheap either but all the 'experts' don't recommend skimping on this.

I was a bit perturbed at the whole EGR valve thing but it is listed as one of the weaknesses of this car. If you are lucky you can have it fixed before you hit the 80,000 miles (or 8??? years) mark. A much greater concern is the transmission problems which other owners have reported. So far, no problems yet but I hear this can be a $3000 problem.

Overall, I consider all of these repairs a part of doing business with a car I am piling the miles onto. In addition, since almost all my miles are on the freeway with no traffic, I am getting 28-29 miles per gallon consistently (I calculate my mileage at almost every fill-up).

The Accord is nothing unique and hardly individual but its dependability is why I bought it and why my next car will probably be the same (maybe a Hybrid Accord if they can get the freeway miles up like they did on the Civic).

Addendum: July 2006 - I just had to replace the alternator at a little over 180,000 miles and a few months shy of 6 years. It was about $400. Still, I have no regrets about this car. It has been so dependable I question moving over to the new technology Honda hybrids. The true mileage reports on the Accord hybrid are not much better than getting a non-hybrid 4 cylinder so why would I want to risk an unproven hybrid engine?

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