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1995 Accord

1995 Accord

Hondas breadwinner, the front-drive Accord, finally pulls abreast of its midsize competitors by adding its first V6 engine. The 24-valve, 2.7-liter unit is an updated version of the engine originally used in the Acura Legend. Accords equipped with the bulkier V6 feature a longer nose and different grille
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   ph0on
Feb 24, 2004
1995 Accord

I love this car...

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Handling, easily customizable, cheap repairs, fuel effecient.

Cons: Acceleration, pretty plain, bad handling in snow.

The Bottom Line: 
Test drive it and see. I personally wouldn't trade it for much of anything else.

Author's Review
I bought my 95 Accord (LX) a little over a year ago from my father's friend. When I first saw the car, I thought it looked pretty boring and dull - that was, until I drove it. The second I even touched the gas the car shot forward, something I wasn't used to having previously owned an 84 Ford Bronco II where you could push the gas down several inches and barely get anywhere. To make up for the sudden burst of speed I eased on the brakes, which had the same effect and I stopped on a dime. After having driven this car for over a year now, I can say that I'm very pleased with its overall perfomance and would want not very much more in a car.

Having driven other cars since my Accord, I've found that 6-cylinder models have an even greater response to the gas pedal than my car does, which is insane. I've gotten used to the acceleration and trained my foot to be much lighter, but at some times I do wish the acceleration was closer to that of a 6-cylinder car. With me driving, though, my acceleration is probably keeping me much safer than a faster car would be.

Being only a 4-cylinder engine has many perks over a 6, though, such as gas mileage. The Accord gets great gas mileage, upwards of 40mpg at times. The 4-cyl engine has a peak of about 132mph, which is enough for me. At higher RPMs, the engine shows its true strength, accelerating much faster than a V engine could. The handling is amazing unless it's slippery out, especially during a snowstorm. The car hugs turns no matter how fast I'm going or how radical of a turn it may be. It's nice and low to the ground, but not so low that you can't get in or out of it.

Backing up, parking, and all around driving is a breeze with this car. It's a great car for both highway driving and booting around town. The only things that have happened to my car since I bought it were the muffler falling off (yikes), and my brakes needing replacing. As long as you keep this car maintained and keep the oil clean and full, it will never die on you.

The only other thing I have to say is that, like all other hondas, this car is extremelly easy to modify and add onto. So, if it's not fast enough for you, replace the intake with a cold air aluminum intake, get a new exhaust or headers. It's all easy and relatively cheap to do.

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