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GE Profile WPSF4170 Washing Machine

GE Profile WPSF4170 Washing Machine

GE is one of the largest manufacturers of major appliances in the world, producing Monogram, GE Profile Performance, GE Profile, GE and Hotpoint brands as well as several private-label brands.
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   melliott03
Jun 14, 2000
GE Profile WPSF4170 Washing Machine


Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: large capacity, cleans well

Cons: none

Author's Review
What would we do without automatic washing machines? I currently own a General Electric Heavy Duty, Extra Large Capacity washing machine.

The extra large capacity comes in handy when washing all the CATS around here. Not really, but they do like to watch the water fill the tub and really love it when the machine goes into the “spin cycle”. We have a strange household.

This washing machine takes on a family load of clothes (there are 4 of us at home right now). It also has no trouble cleaning a tub full of bath towels and wash rags (4 to 6 bath towels and many or more wash cloths). It also does a nice job on bed sheets and can easily clean a comforter or thick bedspread.

I have had this machine since the time of Operation Desert Storm which had to be around 1990. My old washer went on the fritz while my husband was deployed to Guam. Nothing ever happens when he is home. Here are some of the features of this washing machine.

WASH AND SPIN SPEED (left side of machine)
Normal Wash/Normal Spin, Normal Wash/Gentle Spin, Gentle Wash/Gentle Spin

VARIABLE WATER LEVEL KNOB (middle of machine)
Mini Basket, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Reset

Warm, cold, Hot/Cold, Hot/Warm, Extra Rinse Cycle, Off/On Knob

REGULAR CYCLES (right side of machine)
Normal, Light Soil, Soak/Rinse, Extra Rinse, Off

Large, Small, Mini, Off

Knits, Mini Quick, Off

Start, Off

This machine also has a liquid bleach dispenser which makes it less likely that there will be spilled bleach to damage clothes. I have had no trouble with this appliance and would highly recommend General Electric to anyone in the market for a washing machine.


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