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Fujitsu 36.7 GB,Internal,10000 RPM (MAP3367NP) Hard Drive Hard Drives

Fujitsu 36.7 GB,Internal,10000 RPM (MAP3367NP) Hard Drive

Rating: 5/5 stars - Fujitsu 36.7 GB,Internal,10000 RPM (MAP3367NP) Hard Drive  1 review
Price Range:
  $93.75 to $175.00
The Fujitsu (MAP3367NP) 36.7 GB SCSI Ultra320 Hard Drive is fully compatible with PC, Mac systems. Spinning up to 10025 RPM and offering capacity as large as 36.7 GB
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Overall Rating: Rating: 5.0/5 stars
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By: paulphoto in Computer Hardware at
Apr 23, 2006

MAP3367NP sets the Standard for SCSI Performance

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: extremely quiet at 10K RPM, fast throughput, reliable data-storage, the right capacity for my application

Cons: Expensive compared to IDE/SATA -- but all is worth it.

Bottom Line:
For a high-performance workstation, the MAP-series is the best choice for the job. I love it! Read More at