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2001 F-150

2001 F-150

The Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew crew cab pickup is newly introduced this year and is available in four models: XLT and Lariat, in either... Read More
The Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew crew cab pickup is newly introduced this year and is available in four models: XLT and Lariat, in either 2WD or 4WD. Standard equipment includes a 5.5-foot shortbed with four full size doors, privacy glass in the rear compartment, and power adjustable brake/accelerator pedals. Also included are rear seat reading lamps, cup holders, and door map pockets. Four-wheel ABS disc brakes and an overhead console with compass and outside air temperature are also standard. Lariat models include a leather steering wheel and leather seating, 17-inch chrome steel wheels, a keyless entry keypad (on driver door), and remote entry system. A power moonroof and a pickup bed extender are available as options on all models. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   homefndr
Feb 14, 2001
2001 F-150

Truck/SUV...a compromise?

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Handles great. Quiet ride. Comfortable seating...even in the back.

Cons: Somewhat plain interior (even though an upgraded "Lariat" edition.)

Ease of Loading: 4

The Bottom Line: 
Maybe not for everyone, but I absolutely LOVE it! If you find yourself wanting a serious truck and want a good ride, this is a good solution.

Author's Review
OK..I have owned pickup trucks, and I have owned a pure "SUV" and for me, each is a compromise. In considering this purchase, I had to struggle with the question..."is a vehicle that has BOTH attributes nothing but a compromise at best?"

My 1996 Nissan Pathfinder was handy. It had adequate room for hauling stuff, like groceries...but not practical for hauling "dirty" stuff like building materials or plants. The back seats were not particularly comfortable either. It was a bit anemic in the power category but OK. I missed my pickup, but I need a vehicle that has a real back seat...and in a way, the Pathfinder was a compromise that I could live with...

Still, I occasionally hauled things in the Nissan like bags of cement and bulky things from "Home Depot" that should never have been attempted with what is essentially a station wagon. I looked at "King Cab" pickups but saw them as just pickups with wasted space for junk behind the driver's seat. The idea of putting a human being in some of those "jump seats" they put in those things is laughable...even for children.

Then came the first few "four-door" pickups. Owning a Nissan, I stopped by and looked at a Nissan truck with four "real" doors. I attempted to sit in the back seat of one, and found that for me, the only way I could get in was to physically crawl in on all fours, and then sit sideways. It is hardly a practical vehicle (for me) unless you only expect to put children in the back seats.

Finally, last year I saw the Ford SuperCrew, and said to myself..."There is a truck/car....(or was it a car/truck)...I like. Essentially it seems like an Expedition with a 5 foot truck bed instead of the space for a third row of seats. In fact, the rear seat room in the SuperCab is only 2 inches smaller than the Expedition.

I drove the SuperCrew and that's all it took. I purchased the "Lariat" upgraded package because I like leather seats, and the paint/trim was good looking. It came with the 5.4 engine (which was listed at $800 extra on the base model.)

I drive primarily in an urban area, and own a boat, that this truck pulls without effort. I expected horrible fuel mileage, but so far, I am surprised to find that in city driving, it is virtually identical in gas consumption to the Pathfinder I traded in. I realize that if loaded down, this will change drastically, however the good thing least with this truck, I have the option of "loading it down."

While it is absolutely true that this truck is not a panacea for far, it really is for me. I can put five adults COMFORTABLEY in it, I can pull a boat or trailer effortlessly, I can haul ten bags of cement or dog food, or throw my golf clubs in the back and not worry about snagging the upholstery of an SUV. I can use the bed extender and haul larger items, and I can pick up my family at the airport and not worry about my wife's "self esteem" being bruised by riding in a "pickup."

The sticker price on this wonderful vehicle was actually $2,000 less than my venerable '96 Nissan Pathfinder, and while it doesn't have 4 wheel drive, (that I hardly ever used with the Nissan) it does have EVERYTHING else, including almost twice the horsepower and the same gas consumption...and MORE.

The fit and finish for this "American made" vehicle is quite good. The Ride is excellent. The driving/handling quality is excellent...and for the features, the price is good too. The icing on the cake was Ford sponsored 3.9% financing PLUS a $500 rebate.

One negative: I have to "back" it into my garage to close the door, as it is almost two feet longer than an Expedition. Oh has it's compromises.

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