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Split/Second (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010) Video Games

Split/Second (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010)

Split/Second is a sports car racing game with realistic automobile models, arcade-style action, and destructible environments engineered... Read More
Split/Second is a sports car racing game with realistic automobile models, arcade-style action, and destructible environments engineered for massive man-made disaster. Players become contestants in a fictional reality television show that takes speed and violence to new extremes. Races are run in urban and industrial areas constructed especially for the TV show, where buildings, towers, bridges, and other structures are rigged with high-powered explosives. As competitors race around the track, they each gradually fill up a "Powerplay" meter. When full, this meter enables the racer to set off one of the explosive charges. The Powerplay meter fills more quickly as the player performs tricky jumps or squeezes through tight spaces, so precision driving is at a premium, despite the chaotic nature of the courses. The destruction of structures also calls for finesse, as it's in the racer's best interest to use timing and tactics to cause as much obstruction and damage to opponents as possible. <br><br>As racers speed around the track, the game's interface highlights structures ahead that could be triggered for destruction, as well as the cars that would probably be affected if they fell. In many places, destroying a building opens up a new shortcut as it blocks the old road. Mastering the driving skills to keep on a controlled line around each track is the key to victory, but players also need quick "split-second" reaction times when another racer unleashes a destructive blast that alters the entire course in front of them. In addition to destroying buildings that tumble across the track, some courses offer racers the opportunity to trigger more unusual disasters, such as a jumbo jet that can be called down to crash-land in the middle of the roadway. Split/Second was created by veteran racing game designers at Black Rock Studio, formerly a part of the Climax Group and developer of games in the MotoGP and ATV series. Minimize
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Split/Second - Playstation 3
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Description: In Split/Second, players don't just race to the finish line to beat their opponents, they build up their power meter through deft driving and tri... More at Walmart.com  
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Key Features
Genre Racing
Rating E10+ - Everyone 10+
Platform Sony Playstation 3
Tech Details
Release Year 2010
Game Special Features
  • Compete for fame and fortune in the world's most dangerous auto races

  • Keep control through tight turns and tricky jumps to fill your "Powerplay" meter

  • Use your full Powerplay meter to trigger huge explosions that tear up the racecourse

  • Unleash massive destruction with perfect timing and leave the competition in the dust

  • High-def racing from the creators of hit games in the MotoGP and ATV series

  • ESRB Descriptor Violence
    Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    Number of Players 1-8
    Product Identifiers
    Game Split/Second
    UPC 712725005795
    MPN 712725005795
    Product Review Summary
    null null from Epinions.com
    Overall Rating: Rating: 4.68/5 stars