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Dirt Devil Proce 1400 - Red - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Proce 1400 - Red - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This Dirt Devil handheld is trustworthy and is good for helping make your living area clean and providing years of use. This Dirt Devil... Read More
This Dirt Devil handheld is trustworthy and is good for helping make your living area clean and providing years of use. This Dirt Devil handheld allows you to clean out grime, debris, and dirt efficiently and with impressive results thanks to its potent suction rating. Since the Dirt Devil Proce 1400 has a large bag capacity, you can vacuum more and empty less. You can steer easily around corners to complete the job quickly as this handheld vacuum comes with a practical design. Vacuum many types of flooring with as little effort as possible with the dependable cleaning mechanism on this Dirt Devil handheld. Get rid of many types of pollen, pollutants, and muck by making use of the efficient filter included with the Dirt Devil Proce 1400. Moreover, you can dispose of hair, dirt, and pet hair easily as this handheld vacuum features an effective cleaning mechanism. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars
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By:   Bryan_Carey
Nov 11, 2002
Dirt Devil Proce 1400 - Red - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Great Sucking Action Makes this Girl a Winner!

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Small; portable; long cord; good amount of suction

Cons: Bag fills up quickly; noisy; limited use

The Bottom Line: 
This is a good vacuum for small jobs, and the sucking action is powerful. But it can't take the place of a regular- size vacuum.

Author's Review
Running a vacuum cleaner is not one of my favorite household chores. Luckily, I don’t need to perform this task very often so it’s not really something I dread, like with other people. Still, when I do have to run the vacuum, I usually have very little cleaning to do. I have a large, upright vacuum, but it gets little workout time since I don’t usually need it.

What I usually reach for, in place of my large vacuum, is my Dirt Devil Hand- Held Vac, a small piece of machinery that is just right for cleaning up small messes. This vacuum is designed for those who have a smaller than normal amount of cleaning to do and don’t feel like dragging out the big man to do a boy’s job.

Features of This Vacuum:

This model of vacuum is small, but it packs a powerful punch with its 120- volt, 3 amp engine. You can tell the strength of this little devil when you turn on the power. The sucking ability is strong, and it’s easily capable of attacking and eliminating all sorts of waste from your carpet.

Dirt Devil comes with an extra- long cord that’s about 20 feet in length. The cord isn’t retractable, which means that you will have excess cord lying around if your mess is located a short proximity from the outlet. But the long cord comes in handy at times, because it eliminates the need to continuously unplug the unit, move it, and then plug it back in when you have a large area to cover.

The nozzle of the Dirt Devil is about 6 inches in width, and this cannot be adjusted. It is belt- powered, with a rotating brush design, similar to a large, upright vacuum. Dirt collects in the small, rear cloth bag which can be emptied out and replaced without buying paper bags. Dirt Devil does offer paper bags, but they are not absolutely necessary.

With this small vacuum, there are optional attachments that you can buy, to make your cleaning even easier. These attachments do not come with the unit. They must be purchased separately. They include a hose with a brush tip, a shoulder strap, and an optional wall unit to mount your Dirt Devil. You can also convert your Dirt Devil to a blower by making a few small adjustments. Now, your unit can blow as well as suck.


The base price of this vacuum is about $29, not including sales tax. The optional equipment can increase the price by several more dollars, but you need to stop and think about whether or not these tools and accessories are really necessary. Unless you plan on using this unit on a frequent basis, you can easily do without most of the attachments, particularly the shoulder strap.

Final Thoughts:

Vacuuming is not a pleasant task, but it’s something that must be done from time to time. I purchased the Dirt Devil for several reasons. First, I got tired of going to the hassle of getting out my large vacuum for small jobs. Second, I thought that the small size of the Dirt Devil would make it just right for cleaning my couch and chairs, and the inside of my car. For the most part, Dirt Devil has made things easier. Using this vacuum in the car, though, presents some challenges because the nozzle is often too wide to reach into the small places. It’s times like this that I wish I had purchased the optional hose attachment.

Dirt Devil is small, lightweight, and portable, making it handy for using in many types of places. On the downside, though, the unit is quite noisy. The powerful motor makes it sound like a much larger vacuum than it really is. And because of its small size, the bag fills up with dirt and dust rather quickly and must be constantly emptied. I haven’t purchased any paper bags for my unit, preferring instead to just empty the cloth bag when it fills up. This saves a little money and it’s fine for someone like me who doesn’t use the vacuum very much. But you need to be very careful when you empty the cloth bag. You need to aim the contents as far down into a large trash bag as possible. One false move, and the air in the room will be saturated in a cloud of dust.

Dirt Devil has only two settings: on and off. You cannot adjust the speed. You also need to be careful when and where you decide to use the unit. Since the nozzle is small, it isn’t capable of picking up large items, like a full- size vacuum. You can end up clogging the unit or causing excessive strain on the engine if you try to suck up things that are just too large for the small opening.

Overall, this is a good portable- size vacuum for cleaning up small messes and vacuuming upholstery. It’s not really intended to take the place of a larger vacuum, and it can tire you out with all of the bending and stretching that are sometimes required for its use. But it’s a good little devil that makes a meal out of small messes with its powerful sucking action.


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