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Cosco Juvenile 10-T58 Portable Crib

Cosco Juvenile 10-T58 Portable Crib

"This Cosco Portable provides a handy alternative, strong yet smaller and lighter than standard cribs, and it can be set up and taken... Read More
"This Cosco Portable provides a handy alternative, strong yet smaller and lighter than standard cribs, and it can be set up and taken down in a jiffy. It also folds compactly into a thin, flat rectangle that's easy to store. Keep one at Grandma's house or at a vacation house. Or use it as a second crib at your house for overnight visitors." Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   reviewmom
Apr 1, 2008
Cosco Juvenile 10-T58 Portable Crib

Great Portable Crib

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Sturdy, compact, movable

Cons: Casters a little flimsy

The Bottom Line: 
Definitely recommend this crib as a second crib or for travel.

Author's Review
We purchased this crib as a 2nd crib when my second child was born. We had a full size crib for the nursery, but it seemed more convenient to have someplace for the baby to sleep downstairs as well. We'd never had much luck with our oldest sleeping in the play yard style portable crib - I think it wasn't firm enough as our crib mattress was very firm. This crib had a much firmer support, so we gave it a try and it was perfect.


Small and movable, but very sturdy
This crib fit easily into the corner of the living room, but was very solid. Even when my toddler bumped into it, it barely moved and offered strong support. The fact that it has casters on the bottom and fit through most doorways also made moving it to different places a snap.

2 mattress heights
You can change the mattress height on this crib very easily. There are 4 metal clips that snap into holes on the side bars of the crib and once they're in place you place the wooden support board on them (there are notches on the board so it locks into place) and then the mattress on top of that. The higher height is much like the highest setting on a regular crib and perfect for newborns who are fairly immobile. Once they start rolling, you should move it down to the lower level. The mattress itself is only maybe 1.5-2 inches thick, but my babies always seemed comfortable on it.

Easy to clean
We loaned this crib out to a family member and it came back very dirty. Because the crib is metal, it is very easy to clean it and you can use bleach, etc. (rinse well of course) without worrying about ruining the finish. I can imagine a thorough cleaning might also be needed if it were in extended storage between uses, so this is a great feature. The mattress is covered in plastic and can also be wiped down easily.

Replacement parts available
In our case, we opted to replace the mattress after the (dirty) crib was returned to us. It was very easy - we just called Costco and asked if it was available and one was sent out to us within a few days. I can't remember what the replacement mattress cost us, but as I recall it was pretty reasonable. That's the only part we replaced, but Costco was very helpful and responsive and I'm sure other parts are available as well.

Folds up small
While this crib doesn't fold up into a carrying bag like some portable cribs, it does get pretty small. It folds down flat so that it's maybe 4-5 inches thick. It's still as large as the longer sides of the crib, but the mattress and support board will slip inside the crib as well and it could be put in a car trunk or the back of a minivan or SUV for travel without taking up the entire space. We've only done this once or twice, but it worked fine. Also, I've stored it in a mid sized bedroom closet when not in use for long periods, and again it doesn't take up the whole space.

Despite all the positives, there are just a couple of negatives:

Casters are pretty flimsy
The casters on the bottom definitely make moving this crib around easier, but we found that they fell apart fairly easily. When you get the crib, you basically have to snap the 2 pieces of the wheel together for each caster. Unfortunately they seem to not snap that tightly and do come apart without any particular stress put on them. It doesn't happen all the time, but we'd just randomly noticed one had come apart from time to time and would have to put it back together. Maybe our unit was just defective in this manner, but it seems like they could be sturdier.

Locking mechanism a little tight at first
First, let me explain that to fold this crib up, there are rotating pieces on each of the short sides that unlock the crib (kind of like on some strollers) and then the short sides fold in half and to the inside of the crib so that it folds up flat. When we first got the crib, I could barely turn these pieces. It was pretty frustrating, but after a half dozen turns or so they seemed to turn more easily and I haven't had a problem since.

Another thing I want to mention is how long this crib can be used. It's not a purely positive or negative thing, so I'll address it on its own here. The crib is rated up to 50 pounds, so it's obviously a very sturdy crib. Of course my 5-year old doesn't even weigh 50 pounds yet, so I don't think anyone would actually use it up to that limit. As mentioned above, we used this as a downstairs crib and after about 6 months we wanted the baby to sleep in her own room for both naps and bedtime, so we stopped using it around that time. I could see using this crib up to about 1 year of age, depending on the child's mobility and size and how much they climb. I think 2 of my kids would have been fine up to a year had I chosen to keep using it that long. My third child, however, was quite tall and walking at 7 months old, so I don't think it would have been safe to keep her in it that long. Of course if your child tends to put their head right down when you put them to bed and doesn't much try to climb out of the crib you might be able to use it longer. As with all baby equipment, you have to use your judgment in addition to the guidelines the manufacturer provides.

Even though my kids have outgrown this crib, I keep it around because it does fold pretty small and it's convenient to have when friends with younger children are here and need a place to rest.

Overall, a great crib and definitely worth the price we paid for it ($80). We've gotten far more use out of that than our play yard/portable crib and it's still just as dependable and sturdy as the day we bought it. I highly recommend it!

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