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Chrysler drops the Voyager name for 2004 and realigns its Town & Country lineup. Voyager is replaced by a base Town & Country... Read More
Chrysler drops the Voyager name for 2004 and realigns its Town & Country lineup. Voyager is replaced by a base Town & Country model. The balance of the line continues in extended-length form, with a body nearly a foot longer than the base models. Base and extended-length LX, eX, Touring, and Limited models have front-wheel drive. Touring AWD and Limited AWD versions have all-wheel drive. Base and LX use a 3.3-liter V6, the others a 3.8-liter V6. All have automatic transmission. A power liftgate and power operation for both sliding side doors is standard on all but base and LX models. ABS is optional on the base model, standard on the others. All Town & Countrys seat seven. The 3rd-row seat does not fold into the floor as on some rivals. All but base and LX have a split 3rd-row bench seat with 55-lb portions that remove, recline, or fold. Front side airbags are standard on the Limited, optional elsewhere. Curtain side airbags are not offered. Most models offer a height-adjustable rear parcel shelf with pop-up Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   mb29
Dec 18, 2002

2003 chrysler town and country

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: The quality is outstanding,great engineering.

Cons: None to mention

The Bottom Line: 
After all the sleepless nights trying to come to a desision im so glad i made the T&C our new family car. The wife and kids do too.

Author's Review
Well I finally did it. I bought my wife a mini van, after months of driving to various dealerships looking at all types of suvs, and a lot of research and homework. The Town and Country was the best choice.
The 5 star dealership treated us like gold; it was a smooth and comfortable transaction. After looking at the T&C lxi in my option the T&C Limited was the best deal. My wife was used to all the luxury items on her Mercedes M-Class, and hated to give up all of the quality functions she was accustom to, now with the T&C she now has to give up nothing. We opted for the DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones witch my kids love as well as myself, the picture is so clear and clean, she also loves the heated seats on cold mornings.
The 3.8 V6 will allow you to pass at a moment’s notice with plenty of power in reserve.
The memory functions are the best I can have my air set to my desired temperature, the stereo set to my favorite rock station and the 8-way power seat function reclined back at one touch of a button. In return my wife will have her seat as far as she can get it to the steering wheel the heat way to warm and some type of classical radio station.
The suede leather seats are of high quality and are very comfortable.
I look forward to the various trips and vacations me and my family will share in our new Town and Country mini van,
I tried to look at all the other suvs and mini vans as objectively as I could. Hands down the T&C Limited won every comparison regarding safety reliability quality.

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