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Bulgari BLV NOTTE 1.33oz  Women's Eau de Parfum Perfumes and Colognes

Bulgari BLV NOTTE 1.33oz Women's Eau de Parfum

A deeper version of the classic Bvlgari BLV fragrance, BLV Notte is a lush blend of galanga, and vodka drizzled over notes of iris and dark chocolate.
Key Features
Brand Bulgari
Fragrance Type Eau de Parfum
Size 1.33 oz
Gender Women
Product Identifiers
UPC 689076499682
Fragrance Name BLV NOTTE
MPN 156256
Product Highlights
About The Brand Bulgari is an Italian luxury goods and jewelry company founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. The original focus of the company is manufacturing impressive jewelry and Bulgari became worldwide famous with it. Today the brand is recognizable and diversified by offering various product lines such as watches, accessories, hotels and fragrances. The first Bulgari’s perfume was created in 1992 and was followed by series of very successful and luxury scents and aromas, which are an expression of the brand’s refinement and elegance.