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Blur (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010) Video Games

Blur (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010)

Blur is an exaggerated-action driving game for high-def generation consoles and home computers, featuring kart-style racing in realistic,... Read More
Blur is an exaggerated-action driving game for high-def generation consoles and home computers, featuring kart-style racing in realistic, urban settings. As many as 20 real-life sports car models zip bumper-to-bumper through street-racing courses, collecting and using offensive and defensive power-ups, such as "Shunt," "Shock," "Barge," and "Nitro." Licensed automobiles and real-time damage system convey a sense of speed and realism, while a forgiving physics model and over-the-top action inspire win-at-all-costs competition with lots of risky, bump-and-go driving. Because groups of cars tend to clump together as they speed through city streets, players are encouraged to apply their power-ups tactically. A single blast of energy at the right time and place can be just trick to clear a lane and take the lead, but saving and using power-ups in combinations of three can unleash even more course-clearing chaos. The single-player game follows a developing storyline, and virtual drivers gain rivals and fans as they go on to win more races. Online, players can make real-life fans and rivals as well, among other networked players. In good kart-racing form, the game features multiplayer modes, including split-screen racing for up to four. Blur was designed by Bizarre Creations, veteran racing-game developers of the Dreamcast's Metropolis Street Racer and the Xbox's long-running Project Gotham Racing series. Minimize
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Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   kitsune87
Jun 28, 2010
Blur (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010)

A Must play racing game.

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: -Fast Pace Racing
-Up to 20 people online
-Good Graphics

Cons: -Unedited Voice chatting
-Waiting for other people to join a game

The Bottom Line: 
A Great game for people who want an intense racing game to play online.

Author's Review
Ridge Racer meets Mario Kart was my initial thought of this game. But I have to say, It sure was a fun game to play.

When it was first released, It was overshadowed by both Modnation Racers and Split/Second. Both were great games in their own ways.

The only problem I had with Blur was that if you have signal problems and/or a lousy modem (both of which I have), then the lagging will put a damper on on-line play, but that didn't stop me.

The single player mode was as intense as the online play. It mainly revolves around completing certain challenges and defeating CPU's in a boss battle to win their cars.

Online play is a lot of fun and it gets hectic with all the missile's and land mines flying everywhere. But it also gets very annoying with people cursing and throwing out words on the voice chat. On the plus side, you can mute them if they get on your nerves.

The Power-Ups:

-Barge: Creates a shock-wave that throws of your opponent.
-Shock: Creates lighting domes in front of the leader.
-Bolt: Shoots 3 rapid rounds that will cause your opponent to loose control of their car for a few seconds.
-Mine: You can drop it behind you or you can shoot it forward. A very useful power-up.
-Shunt: A homing missile that can be shot both forward and behind you.
-Repair: Heals all the damage your vehicle has sustained.
-Shield: Creates a dome around you that temporarily protects you from damage. Can also inflict damage to your opponent if you touch them.
-Nitro: A quick burst of speed that can even harm your opponent if you ram them.

All-in-all, this is a must play racing game, especially if your getting bored of games like Grand Turismo and Need for Speed.

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