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Wet (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009) Video Games

Wet (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

Leap into the world of bloody combat with Wet, the action-adventure video game! Be Rubi Malone of this Xbox 360 video game and... Read More
Leap into the world of bloody combat with Wet, the action-adventure video game! Be Rubi Malone of this Xbox 360 video game and help the problem-solving mercenary on her mission against deadly goons. Equipped with two pistols and a sword, explore a whole new world of action. Kill enemies, pump bullets, slide across floors, and perform acrobatic moves in style with this third-person shooter Xbox 360 video game.  This action-adventure video game will appeal to hardcore gamers as well as amateurs. Play this high-speed thriller and die a couple of times before you get addicted to Wet. Minimize
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Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   vleika
Feb 2, 2012
Wet (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

Very Awesome!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Great action, Artistic killing moves, Old graphics effect, Awesome music tracks, Rage mode.

Cons: Short, Most likely no sequel despite the open ending.

The Bottom Line: 
In my opinion, this game is 100% worth the buy.

Author's Review

If you are a fan of games with a tough female heroine like I am, then this game is a 'must-have'. There are many complaints about it being repetitive, and although some aspect may remain similar throughout the game, it is still very entertaining.

Gameplay and Controls

The game isn't difficult as long as you don't play in the harder modes. Most of the time, the goal is the 'artistically kill' your enemies in order to gain style points. You use those points to buy weapon upgrades, as well as new moves for Rubi. Trust me, you'll need those upgrades as you progress. They definitely come in handy. The controls are not hard to learn, and this coming from someone that was just learning the controls of the Xbox 360 when first purchasing the game.


The graphics aren't the most beautiful aspect of the game, and honestly, I think most of that was done on purpose to prive the 'old graphics effect', according to the obvious film grains and whatnot.


It may not be the most unique game in the world, but the components that they had tossed into the game was what made it unique to me, such as the really old commercials they threw in randomly throughout the game. I strangely enjoyed watching them.

Alternate Modes

Yes, there are other modes in the game, but you have to unlock them by completing Story mode. There will be a Challenge Mode where you will have to beat the best scores. There's a Golden Bullets Mode where all of your bullets kill enemies in one shot at the cost of Rubi having much less endurance. There are also various difficulty modes, as well as a Boneyard Challenges Mode.

Rage Mode

This was probably my most favorite part of the game--Rubi's trademark rage mode. You will occasionally enter this mode, and when you do, Rubi is relatively unstoppable. She seems to run and strike faster with her sword. Plus, you get the bonus of a completely red screen with the enemies and Rubi appearing in the color black. Their blood will be white. I cannot say what allures me the most about rage mode though. I just know that I loved it every time it occurred.

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