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Axis and Allies for PC

Axis and Allies for PC

Decide the fate of a nation and the destiny of the world with this historical WWII strategy game. As the world powers battle for supremacy... Read More
Decide the fate of a nation and the destiny of the world with this historical WWII strategy game. As the world powers battle for supremacy in 1942, spearhead your countrys military drive. Plan strategic bombing raids, sneak submarine attacks, hit-and-run infantry attacks, and antiaircraft barrages. Move into embattled territories and resolve conflicts. At the same time, protect the economic status of your nation. Earn income from natural resources and successful territorial expansion. Use these funds to buy armaments and develop secret weapons from your stockpile. Change the course of history with Axis & Allies CD-ROM! Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars
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By:   habla
Apr 21, 2000
Axis and Allies for PC

Axis and Allies Iron Blitz: Some new Twists, but same Bugs

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars

Pros: Retains the better aspects of original Axis and Allies, Addition of a few new units and editting tools

Cons: Game is not well supported by patches, many of Axis and Allies original bugs are still present. Minimal upgrade for the price

Author's Review
Being a confirmed Axis and Allies junkie, just ask my wife, with over 300 registered matches in club play, when Hasbro came out with an updated game for Axis and Allies I quickly went to the local store (online of course) and purchased the game. For the cost of $25 I received another copy of the original Axis and Allies games, and the newer update, Iron Blitz.

Iron Blitz plays very much like its older brother Axis and Allies (you may want to read my review of Axis and Allies). The US, England, and USSR are set against Japan and Germany to either take back, or take over control of the world. Each power is given an amount of money based on the territories that they own and can purchase new military units to add in their combat.

The game has kept all of the good factors of Axis and Allies in its gameplay. The game is usually decided by the player that makes the best use of his $$ in buying the correct mixture of units, and then knowing what to do with them. Since all battles are solved based solely on probability factors, once the underlying mathematical principals are understood you can quickly become competent at this game.

The major areas that differ from IB's older counterpart are the addition of two new units, destroyers and marines. The other non unit difference is in the game editing function that allows the player to recreate the map, and give higher or lower value to certain territories. This has led many experienced gamers to be able to create their own specialized scenarios which involve putting a new focus on areas of the map that in most traditional Axis and Allies games are overlooked.

The two new units, destroyers and marines are interesting to use, although I found in my own playtesting and playing against experienced gamers they tend to further strengthen an already strong Allied hand. Destroyers are used to protect transports, much as they did in real life from submarines. Marines are a little tougher when they hit the beaches in amphibious assaults than normal infantry units.

More useful to the serious player will be the map editing feature which allows to take heretofore neutral countries/territories and align them with either the Axis or the Allies. Also the dollar value of any territory can be raised or lowered which may make both sides reconsider the overall tactical approach they wish to employ in the game. This is a nifty little feature, but be advised it is not a panacea (read on).

The areas of the game that were the strength remain the same and/or have been slightly improved. These include, overall playability, access to multi-player games via public forums, ease of interface, relevant screen shots that provide the information that is needed.

Now for the bad news. There are still many bugs with this program, in fact there are more bugs with this program than were with the original Axis and Allies. This game has been out of release for well over six months, and no significant progress has been made to the many bugs that afflict this, and the older Axis and Allies. These bugs include units attacking in wrong sequence, units not being able to complete moves, units not being able to be placed properly, units strangely disappearing while the game turn is running. The worst bug I have encountered is that if both unit values and territorial values are edited, which is a big selling point of this game to the Axis and Allies/Iron Blitz junkie, the game fails to load properly and your work has been for nothing.

While slight improvements have been made to the Artificial Intelligence, those changes are minimal. A novice to either game will be regularly beating the PC at the highest skill level within a few weeks, an experienced gamer should win Iron Blitz on the first try. Both of these games are poor for solo play.

Furthermore, the game still has a great deal of issues with certain sound cards and more particularly certain video drivers, and the customer support at hasbro for these problems remains inane and not overly helpful. The dogma from HASBRO is to reboot, clean the cache and temp files, close out all hidden programs and try again. Eventually, I was able to correct most of the serious game conflicts myself, but with little help from Hasbro's support team. Finally, the game still has tremendous lag issues when playing online, and often causes fatal lock ups that either will kill the game if there are too many units on the board (usually the sign of a very well played and even game)or severely interrupt the flow of the game. This is also true of the older Axis and Allies game.

Also the lack of an updated patch for both games is a serious detriment. The bugs in both games are well known, and many have written Hasbro concerning them. Rather than fix the first game properly and consider making the Iron Blitz feature available via a patch, would would have been appropriate, Hasbro chose to not fix the first, not address many of the issues that plagued the first version of Axis and Allies, and quickly slap together a newer game. This seems to be akin to slapping a coat of paint on a ruined wall, rather than fixing it first, and hoping that the gloss will hide the flaws.

For the money spent, and the minimal improvements made, and the overall problems that the game has this is not much of an upgrade. Hasbro has done little to endear itself to the PC Wargaming community by this overall poor upgrade. Given the options that Hasbro has left us, I would say that Iron Blitz if really for the Hard Core Axis and Allies player, but most of them don't like the new game. Fortunately for Hasbro, the typical internet Axis and Allies player is a dedicated junkie. However, in my case the bugs of this game and the original Axis and Allies severely cut down my interest. I doubt that Hasbro will take notice.


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