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Aurora Electronics AS1018CD Shredder

Aurora Electronics AS1018CD Shredder

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars
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By:   chilepiper
Feb 29, 2008
Aurora Electronics AS1018CD Shredder

Not so good............

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars

Pros: Price.

Cons: Performance, and really, really noisy.

Author's Review
The good points: the price. The other stuff: This thing really struggled with a CD, and paper shredding was more like paper mangling. Using two sheets of paper, the cross cut was torn, not cut. Some of the output was not cut clean through, leaving strips connected together. Worst of all, you better wear hearing protection when this thing gets going; kinda sounds like an electric blender chopping ice. I am returning it.

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