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AT&T 1855 Single Line Corded Phone

AT&T 1855 Single Line Corded Phone

Do not miss your important calls even if you are away as the digital answering system of the AT&T 1855 corded phone will record all... Read More
Do not miss your important calls even if you are away as the digital answering system of the AT&T 1855 corded phone will record all your caller’s messages. The 3-line LCD display of this AT&T single-line phone shows caller details clearly even in low-light conditions. With the speakerphone of this AT&T corded phone, you can do multitasking while talking with someone. Equipped with features such as a caller ID, the AT&T 1855 phone ensures that you always know the identity of the caller. The call waiting feature in this AT&T single-line phone make sure that you are alerted about an incoming call in the middle of another call. This AT&T corded phone is wall-mountable, so you can easily hang this phone on the wall and save lots of space. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   jarvad
Oct 28, 2006
AT&T 1855 Single Line Corded Phone

AT&T 1855 Good Phone with Answering/Speakerphone

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Good features, easy to use, good size, light weight, can survive a power outage

Cons: None

The Bottom Line: 
AT&T phones have been good from our experience with three

Author's Review
I recently bought the AT&T 1855 corded telephone with similar features to work right out of the box with the default settings after buying two GE 29897 corded telephones with answering and speakerphone to find the answering feature did not work from Target. See my other review at epinions of the GE 29897 phone. I should have read reviews at epinions first to save time in returning the GE phone and buying a second one with the same problem. The AT&T 1855 phone is offered at the same price as the GE phone with better features. The AT&T 1855 records 19 minutes compared to the GE of 10 minutes.

We needed a new phone because a visiting toddler interfered with the power plug-in of our previous AT&T phone labelled then as Southwestern Bell. We were fond of that phone and had it for a few years. The AT&T phone we had before that used the tape message method, and we wanted the digital answering feature. AT&T phones seem to last a long time for us with no problems.

The manual of the AT&T 1855 is easy to follow. There is a quick start manual for most features used and a longer manual with more details, a wallet card with instructions for remote access. The phone was up and running in a matter of minutes. The settings are easy to set. We like the remove message button feature. You can save old messages and to retrieve them or hear them again, hold down the play button and use the remove button to completely delete them. The speaker sound is very clear. A corded phone to survive power outages was needed compared to cordless phones, and the AT&T 1855 is the one to survive. Good phone.

The AT&T 1855 came from Best Buy at a good discount. It's at other stores, too.

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