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Adcom GFA 4404 Car Amplifier

Adcom GFA 4404 Car Amplifier

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   GustavusShaw
Sep 2, 2000
Adcom GFA 4404 Car Amplifier

Adcom Kills The Competition

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Sonically Superior Breaking The Known Sound Barrier Of High Quality Output

Cons: None, Plays Harder and Sharper Than Anything Out There

Author's Review
This is one of the most sonically superior amps currently on the market and even the competition thinks so. The GFA-4404 is exquisitely designed all the way down to the circuitry. The internal workings of the amp are beyond extraordinary because of the multitude of features its has respectfully been endowed with.

Ok enough of the hoopla. Let's get down to business this amp is capable of 300w rms split by 2, that's 150wrms for ch 1 and 2 and 150wrms for ch 3 and 4. To keep everything cool and functioning efficiently the amp has a cooling fan. Its impedance handling capability is very low, and allows the user to patch it into a multitude of subwoofers or mids and highs.

It also is able to power a center channel which add to the depth and realism of the music. The balanced line input is one of the clearest in the car audio business. It blocks any noise that is associated with ground loop interference or engine noise.

Amp that are rated at over twice the power can't even come close to touching it at any level of play. The frequency range is far beyond what other amp are able to play, from 0Hz-50KHz. The signal to noise ratio is awsomely high, rated at 100db, which means the sonics come through loud and clear. The damping factor is superb, around 600 which means it blocks a lot of unwanted noise and only plays supernatural music at astounding rate of quality.

I love this amp as well as all other Adcom products. Although a bit high in price its well worth the money!!


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